Green's St. Louis directory :

Av. for avenue ; al. for alley ; bet. for between ; cor. for corner; e. for east ; es. for east side ; n. for north ; ns. for north side ; nw. for north-west ; opp. for opposite ; s.south for south ; se. for south-east ; ss. for south-side ; sw. for south-west ; w. for west ;
ws. for west side ; ups. for up stairs.

Several professions will occasionally be found abbreviated, for the purpose of avoiding
the doubling of a line ; such as lbrr, for laborer ; cabmkr for cabinet maker, &c., &c.,
but the profession intended to be represented by the abbreviation will be so obvious as
hardly to require elucidation.

Note.—In the following, the directions are, for the most part, brief, plain, intelligible,
and to the point. I have striven to obtain the proper spelling of names ; and in search-
ing for a name, the inquirer ought to know its proper spelling. A person, for instance,
looking for Commons, ought not to look among the Cummins'; for Neilson, among the
Nelson's; for Macdonough, or Mackoy, among the McDonoughs and McCoys; for
Walsh among the Welch's and and Welsh's, and vice versa, and scores, or hundreds of like
cases of synonymes as to mere sound. See article ''Synonymes,'' in the preceding

The cause of censure in a large majority of cases, is solely attributable to the want of
a knowledge of the correct spelling of the name sought for ; therefore you must know
how to spell the name, else censure not if you do not find it : mind this in part as you
go along.