Green's St. Louis directory :
Augustin, Geo., porter , eseast side Carondelet ssouth Duchouquette
Auld, James, clerk at 150 nnorth Third
Auld, Robert E., dry good , 142 and 150 nnorth Third
Auld, Wm.William H., dry good , 142 and 150 nnorth Third
Auler, Lawrence, M.D. , 270 ssouth Second
Aull, Richard, stone cutter , nsnorth side Morgan betbetween 11th and 12th
Aush, Adolph, book keeper , at 112 nnorth Main
Austin, Archibald A., queensware, etc. , 302 Broadway
Austin, Edwin, clerk , 210 nnorth Sixth
Austin, Reuben B., nsnorth side Smith betbetween Main and Lewis (deceased.)
Austin, Wm.William J., [A. & Riggin,] 266 Franklin avenue
Austin & Riggin real estate auctioneers , 37 Locust
Austin, William, cook , rear 103 Franklin avavenue
Avers, Augustus, clerk at 161 nnorth Main
Avery, Edward M., teacher 118 nnorth Fourth
Avery, John H., book keeper at 31 nnorth Water
Avery, Samuel, boarding house, 118 nnorth Fourth
Avis, Elizabeth, widow, 89 Washington avenue
Avort, Andrew, shoemaker , wswest side Broadway, ssouth of Chambers
Axtell, Thomas R., state and county collector , sssouth side Olive betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Ayers, Adin W., painter, paper hanger, etc ., 15 nnorth Fifth, dwel
168 ssouth Fifth
Aylett, Thomas, riverman , 210 nnorth Ninth up stairs
Aymond, Francis, wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Emmett
Ayres, Elijah S., ship carpenter , secorcorner Benton and Broadway
Ayres, —, painter wswest side 9th betbetween Jefferson and Monroe.
Babcock, Leicester, dep county recorder , n wing courthouse
Babcock, Leland A., clerk at 134 nnorth Main
Babcock, Wells J., India rubber goods, 116 nnorth Main
Babcock, —, opp 185 Locust
Babka, Charles, tailor , was 7th betbetween Carroll & Marion
Bach, John, shoemaker , 187 Franklin avenue
Bach, Lewis, beer house, 190 nnorth Fourth
Bacher, Charles, laborers , es Columbus nnorth of carroll
Bacher, Henry, laborers , es Columbus nnorth of carroll
Bachman, Frederica, widow, eseast side 9th betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Bachman, Jacob, laborer, n of Biddle on alley betbetween 10th & 11th
Bachman, John, gunsmith , 162 ssouth Third
Bachman, William, carpenter , sssouth side Franklin avavenue betbetween 23d and 24th
Bachtner, Peter, quarrier , sssouth side Lami eeast of Jackson
Bacigalupo, John B., confectioner , 119 Second
Backensto, Benjamin M., wagon maker , eseast side 9th nnorth of Market
Backhaus, Casper, carpenter , swsouthwest corcorner 8th and Davis
Backhaus, Charles, saddler , secorcorner Broadway and Montgomery
Backhaus, William, laborer , 196 nnorth Eighth