Green's St. Louis directory :
Flora, Jacob, barber , opp 90 Green
Flora, John H., laborer , eseast side Fifteenth, betbetween Curr and Biddle
Flora Garden, Gert Gcebel , s of Lafayette, wwest of Seventh
Flore, John, bricklayer , sssouth side Miller, on alley, betbetween Jackson and
Florence, Roman, riverman , s of Convent, on alley, betbetween Third
and Fifth
Flores, Leonora, widow, nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Market, up stairs
Florida, Edward, miller , nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Plum
Flottmann, Frederick, carter , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Flottmann, William, laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Seventeenth and Florida
Flotron, Eugene, laborer , wswest side Fifteenth, ssouth of Franklin av,avenue upsupstairs
Flotron, Francis, bricklayer , wswest side Fifteenth, nnorth of Morgan
Flowers, Elijah, laborer , secorcorner Second and Harrison
Floyd, Benjamin L., (F. & Co.Company ) 267 Broadway
Floyd, Thomas, (F. & Co.Company ) 267 Broadway
Floyd & Co.Company , dry goods , 267 Broadway
Fluelt, Emanuel, bricklayer , sssouth side Orange, wwest of Twelfth
Flugger, Charles J., hardware , 143 Washington avavenue
Flugger, Lewis, wswest side Step, betbetween Trudcau and Picotte
Fluke, Adam, laborer , wswest side Ninth, ssouth of Benton
Fluth, Jacob, shoemaker , rear 183 Franklin avavenue
Flynn, Bernard, carpenter , oppopposite 195 Green, up stairs
Flynn, Bridget, widow, eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Flynn, Daniel, packer , rear 261 nnorth Ninth
Flynn, John, laborer , 182 Walnut, up stairs
Flynn, John, carpenter , 151 Green
Flynn, John, teamster, eseast side Fourteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Flynn, John, boot and shoemaker , 285 Morgan, up stairs
Flynn, Martin, laborer , wswest side Centre, ssouth of Market, up stairs
Flynn, Mary, widow, sssouth side Market, betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Flynn, Michael, Montgomery House, 146 nnorth Fifth
Flynn, Peter, carter , 282 nnorth Eleventh
Flynn, William, drayman , nsnorth side Morgan, betbetween Eleventh & Twelfth
Focht, Francis, stone cutter , eseast side Carondelet avavenue , ssouth of Sidney
Fockers, Gerard, laborer , sssouth side Plum, eeast of Main
Fcelpel, Philip W., stone cutter , eseast side Columbus, nnorth of Soulard
Fcerste, John, beer house, nenortheast corcorner Columbus and Duchouquette
Fceshoffer, Henry, laborer , 18 Convent
Fcester, Jacob, tailor , eseast side DeKalb, ssouth of Lafayette
Faster, John, sssouth side Miller, on alley, betbetween Jackson and Columbus
Fogarty, Michael, laborer , secorcorner Seventeenth and Morgan
Fogarty, William, laborer , rear 286 nnorth Tenth
Fogel, John, baker , 190 nnorth Eighth, up stairs
Fogel, Oltman, tailor , 290 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
Fogg, Josiah, clerk at City Hotel, corcorner Third and Vine
Fogle, George, caulker , wswest side Second, between Spring & Wright