Green's St. Louis directory :
Baker, Joseph, barber , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Baker, Lacon D., carpenter , 284* Eleventh
Baker, Leander H., m.d. , office and dwelling 22 St. Charles
Baker, Lewis, eseast side of Broadway on al.alley betbetween Chambers &; Webster
Baker, Levin H., clerk at 71 Green
Baker, Martin, laborer , nsnorth side Main betbetween Columbia and Florida
Baker, Mary, widow, 238 ssouth Fifth up stairs
Baker, Philip, baker , nsnorth side Mullanphy betbetween Main and Second
Baker, Ralph, es Eleventh betbetween Brooklyn and Howard
Baker, Sophia, widow, eseast side Broadway on alley betbetween Chambers
and Webster
Baker, Theodore, engineer , corcorner of Elm and Third
Baker, Thomas, steamboat captain , 246 nnorth Fifth
Baker, Wilson, clerk on boat , boards at 35 Elm
Baker & Duke druggists , nwnorthwest corcorner Twelfth and Franklin av
Baker, , Henry & Co.Company , wholesale gro. and com.commission mer.merchant 170 nnorth 2d
Bakewell, Henry, agent for Jessup &; Son's warranted steel ,
and Welch and Griffith's saws , 201 north Main
Balbach, George, laborer , nsnorth side Emmett eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Balde, William, nsnorth side Emmett, eeast of Jackson
Baldwin, Caleb W., silver plater , 57 Washington avavenue , dwelling
nsnorth side St. Charles, betbetween 10th and 11th
Baldwin, Henry, book keeper , 174 Olive
Baldwin, John, cigar store , 77 nnorth Third
Baldwin, John H., steamboat captain , eseast side Collins betbetween O'Fallon
and Ashley
Baldwin, John H., 1J nnorth Fourth
Baldwin, Joseph M., Delta House, 184 and 186 nnorth Main
Baldwin, Richard, carpenter , 243 Green
Baldwin, Smith, (Bredell B.) swsouthwest corcorner Main and Almond
Balhaus, Godfrey, teamster , wswest side Seventh, nnorth of Park avavenue
Ball, Henry J., barber , 74 Chesnut
Ball, Isabella, [c] 150 Chesnut
Ball, John, mate , 155 nnorth Twelfth
Ball, John E.teamster , wswest side Tenth, ssouth of Spring
Ball, Sylvester W., (B. 4> Chapin.) swsouthwest corcorner 19th and Morgan
Ballance, Joseph M., tailor , 74 nnorth Second, dw 196 Market
Ballard, Cloyce, ws Tenth , n of Franklin avavenue
Ballard, Horton, laborer , wswest side Broadway betbetween Wright and Soft
Ballard, Isaiah, carpenter , sssouth side Dock wwest of Broadway
Bailer, Henry, sawyer , nwcornorthwest corner Broadway and Wright up stairs
Balmer, Charles, (B. A> Weber,) 160 ssouth Fourth
Baluier, Christian, carpenter , nenortheast corcorner of Broadway and Dock
Balmer, Weber, music store , 58 nnorth Fourth
Balte, David, clerk atswcorcorner Twelfth and Carr
Balthers, Christian, cooper , 200 Franklin avavenue up stairs.
Baltzer, Herman R., clerk at 23 north Main