Green's St. Louis directory :
Haas, Gatfried, blacksmith , eseast side Ninth, betbetween Wash and Can, rear
Haas, Henry, shoemaker , 180 Wash
Haas, Jacob, razor grinder , secos Third and Almond, up stairs
Haas, John, sausage maker , 197 nnorth Twelfth
Haas, John, carpet weaver , 216 nnorth Fifth
Haas, John B., bookbinder , 197 Franklin avavenue
Habb, Lewis, engineer , wswest side Belfontaine road, betbetween Dock and
and Harrison
Habighorst, Henry, tailor , rear 219 nnorth Eleventh
Habicht, Christian, tailor , 108 ssouth Second, shop 33 Walnut
Hacke, Moritz, whitewasher , 180 Franklin avavenue
Hacker, John, cooper , as Wash, betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Hackett, James, laborer , rear 254 Market, on alley
Hackett, James, millwright , nsnorth side Morgan, betbetween 15th and 16th
Hackman, Christian F., tailor , 42 Franklin avavenue
Hackman, Frederick, teamster , sear 194 nnorth Eighth
Hackman, Frederick Wr, wagon maker , nsnorth side Washington avavenue ,
betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Hackman, Herman, sugar refinery , wswest side Second, ssouth of O'Fallon
Hackman, John F., saddler, &c. , 44 Franklin avavenue
Hackman, Mary, widow, nsnorth side Barry, eeast of Jackson
Hackman, William, laborer , 208 nnorth Twelfth
Hackman, William, (Bergesch & H.) 229 nnorth Sixth
Hackman, Francis, contractor , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Biddle
Hackworth, James, teamster , sssouth side Warren, eeast of Broadway
Haden, Anthony, laborer , 144 nnorth Second
Haden, William, laborer , sssouth side Sidney, eeast of Easton
Hæanbrack, Wm.William, tailor , eseast side Seventh, betbetween O'Fallon and Davis
Hæagstedt, Charles, blacksmith , 342 nnorth Seventh
Hæle, John, shoemaker , wswest side Second, nnorth of O'Fallon
Hæle, Wm.William, laborer , wswest side Buel, betbetween Marion and Carroll
Hænichen, Ferdinand, cabinet maker , swsouthwest corcorner Barry and Ca-
rondelet avavenue
Hænichen, David, watchman at Bank of Missouri , sssouth side Convent,
on alley, betbetween Third and Fifth
Hæensig, Henry, drayman , eseast side Fifteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Hær, Frederick, blacksmith , 11 Poplar
Hærtmann, Henry, laborer , nsnorth side Carr, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Hafferkamp, Diederich, laborer , 302 ssouth Third
Hafkemeyer, John C., 157 ssouth Third
Hafkemeyer, Francis, clerk , 96 Poplar
Haffner, Daniel, beer and boarding house , 176 ssouth Second
Hagadorn, Frederick, laborer , sssouth side Hickory, betbetween Fifth & Seventh
Hagan, Ellen, widow, 83 nnorth Sixth
Hagan, John, (Boyle & Co.Company ) eseast side Sixth, nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Hagar, John, (Hagar & Co.Company ) carriage builders , nwnorthwest corcorner
Sixth and Chesnut
Hagar, Henry, (Hagar & Co.Company ) carriage builders , nwnorthwest corcorner
Sixth and Chesnut
Hagar, William, (Hagar & Co.Company ) carriage builders , nwnorthwest corcorner
Sixth and Chesnut