Green's St. Louis directory :
Hanfield, —, pattern maker , 223 nnorth Sixth
Hangsleben, Frederick W., wagon maker , rear 183 Franklin
avavenue , on alley
Hankarrrp, Adam, laborer , nwnorthwest corcorner Lafayette and Fulton
Hanken, George, "Bremer Tavern," 72 nnorth Third
Hankin, Joseph, brick maker , nsnorth side Florida, wwest of Main
Hanley, James, boards at Planters' Honse
Hanlin, Willian, drayman , nsnorth side St. Charles, betbetween 10th and 11th
Hanmore, Daniel, drayman , eseast side Second, nnorth of Cherry
Hanmore, Thomas, engineer , 348 Morgan, up stairs
Hanna, George W., auctioneer , dw 62 St. Charles
Hanna, Jas., city weigher , 42 Commercial, dw 18 St. Charles
Hannah, James, carpenter , secorcorner Eleventh and Warren
Hannegan, Jeremiah, laborer , nsnorth side Morgan, betbetween 15th and 16th
Hannen, Mary, widow, 92 Biddle, rear
Hanning, William, wood dealer , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Wright
Hannon, Honore, widow, 311 Broadway
Hannon, Mary, widow, (H. & Fortune,) secorcorner Ninth and
Franklin avavenue
Hannon & Fortune groceries and liquors , secorcorner 3d & Green
Hannon, Patrick, teamster , 258 Market, up stairs
Hanreth, Henry, laborer , 241 nnorth Ninth
Hannum, Philip, pilot , nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Hansas, Bernard, teamster , nwnorthwest corcorner Emmett and Rosatti
Kansas, John, nwnorthwest corcorner Emmett and Rosatti
Hanses, Joseph, blacksmith , wswest side Carondelet avavenue , ssouth of Soulard
Hansmann, Christian, m.d. , 13 Franklin avavenue
Hanson, Joseph L., segar store , dw 154 nnorth Eleventh
Haper, Henry, carpenter , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Lafayette
Hapn, Henry, teamster , wswest side Thirteenth, betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Harbaugh, Oliver P., carpenter , 24 ssouth Tenth
Harber, Henry, Bremen
Harbert, John, tailor , 60 ssouth Second
Hardcastle, Addison L., (A. & L.H. & Co.Company ) 130 Market
Hardcastle, George T., (A. & L.H. & Co.Company ) 130 Market
Hardcastle A.L. & Co.Company , fancy and staple dry gds, 130 Market
Harden, Robert, moulder , 223 nnorth Sixth
Hardenbrook, James, mate , 208 nnorth Seventh
Hardesty, Francis, foreman Washington foundry , 282 nnorth Eighth
Harding, Chester, attorney , 27 Olive, up stairs
Harding, John, laborer , nsnorth side Biddle, betbetween Thirteenth & Fourteenth
Hardwig, Conrad, chandler , eseast side Buel, ssouth of Marion
Hardy, James A., merchant tailor , secorcorner Fourth and Pine
Hardy, Jacob, shoemaker , 349 Morgan
Hare, Alexander, plasterer , nsnorth side Chesnut, betbetween 12th and 13th
Haren, Charles, tobacconist , 263 ssouth Fourth
Haren, Edward, notary, &c. , 30 ssouth 4th, dweseast side 7th, ssouth of Labadie