Green's St. Louis directory :
Barron, Zacharitk, tomet , as Femtaesrtk, a of Market
Barry, Edmund G., M.D. 187 B Fourth up stain
Barry, Edward, Sec.Cham.Com. & Mwctiante' Exchange, s
w cor Main and Olive, up stain
Barry Hon., James G., 112 ssouth Main
Barry, John, blksmith, nsnorth side Carroll, eeast of Carondelet
Barry, John, laborer , nsnorth side O'Fallon, betbetween Ninth Tenth
Barry, John, teamster , wswest side Seventeenth betbetween Morgan & Christy
Barry'Miss, Mary, teacher in Wes.Meth. Chnrch, Chouteau
avavenue , wwest of Seventh
BarryPhilip, Jr.junior , clerk at 28 Market
Barry, Richard F., clerk in Bank Mo.Missouri , dwel Fifth near Elm
Barsaloux, Charles, 175 nnorth Ninth
Barstow, Dwight, clerk at 154 nnorth Main
Bartel, Charles, teamster , n of Rutger, on alley betbetween 6th & 7th
Bartels, Leo, teacher , wswest side Eleventh, ssouth of Biddle
Barth, Henry, tailor , 22 ssouth Tenth
Barth, John, steamboat captain , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Wood
Barth, John, wagon maker , wswest side Carondelet avavenue ssouth of Soulard
Barth, Robert, (Angelrodt, E. 6&B.) Bellefontaine road
Barthel, Frederick W., 54 ssouth Second, up stairs
Bartleman, Peter, baker , rear 257 nnorth Ninth, on alley
Bartlett, George W., wswest side Thirteenth betbetween Spruce and Poplar
Bartlett, Phineas, nsnorth side Randolph wwest of Twelfth
Bartlett, Reuben, wswest side Collins ssouth of Columbia
Battling, Eleanor, widow, 53 nnorth Third
Bartold, Frederick, North St. Louis Exchange, cor
Broadway and Dock ; also all kinds of leather manufac-
tured at the same place, and disposed of, wholesale and
retail, at inviting prices.
Bartold, Frederick, clothier , wswest side Br'dwaybetbetween Harrison & Dock
Barton, John, soda water manufact'rmanufacturer . , nenortheast corcorner 14th and Clark avavenue
Barton, Joseph, riverman , nsnorth side Brooklyn', betbetween Broadway and 9th
Bartram, Francis, dry goods and gro., nwnorthwest corcorner 2d-and Convent
Barutgo, Bernard, teamster , eseast side Jackson ssouth of Emmett
Barx, John, cooper , 49 ssouth Tenth
Baschman, Christian, sawyer , nsnorth side Chambers, betbetween Broadway
and Ninth
Bascom, John D., Monterey House, 5 Market, dwelling 89 ssouth
Baskofski, Edw., shoemaker , sssouth side Franklin avavenue betbetween 17th and 18th
Bass, Frederick, carman , eseast side Ninth betbetween Chambers and Webster
Bass, John, laborer , secorcorner Broadway and Chambers
Bassett, Ludlum S., (T.B. Edgar & Co.Company ,) 177 nnorth Fourth
Basters, Frederick, carman , rear 183 Franklin avavenue on alley
Baszler, Henry, tailor , 24 ssouth Tenth, up stairs
Bate, John J., nwnorthwest corcorner Twenty-second and Morgan