Green's St. Louis directory :
Lowry, Samuel H., (Houseman & L.) boards Planters House
Loy, —, riverman , sssouth side Columbia, wwest of Main, up stairs
Loyd, Daniel, book binder , 162 Wash
Lubbering, Frederick L., (L. & Klute,) swsouthwest corcorner 12th and Carr
Lubbering & Klute grocers , swsouthwest corcorner Twelfth and Carr
Lubbers, Bernard, plasterer , secorcorner Menard and Marion
Lubbrenck, Mary, widow, wswest side Twelfth, nnorth of Carr
Lube, Henry, brickmaker , wswest side Rosatti, ssouth of Marion
Lubsen, Henry, grocer and beerhouse, nwnorthwest corcorner Menard and
Luby, John, carpenter , 84 ssouth Fifth
Luby, Patrick, drayman , 149 nnorth Fifth, up stairs
Lucas, Caesar, riverman , 138 Carr
Lucas, Frederick, laborer , wswest side Decatur, nnorth of Park avavenue
Lucas, James H., swsouthwest corcorner Ninth and Olive
Lucas, Samuel, fruit store, 63 ssouth Fourth
Lucas, Polly, [c] nenortheast corcorner Fifteenth and Chesnut
Lucas, Thomas, riverman , 125 nnorth Seventh
Lucas, Thomas, cooper , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Monroe
Lucas & Patterson 129 Chesnut
Luce, Andrew J., (L. & Co.Company ) nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Luce A.J. & Co.Company , groceries and provisions , 223 Broadway
Luciana, Charles, Merchants Exchange , 84 Chesnut, dw 121
s Fifth
Luckett, William, woodman , nsnorth side Wright, eeast of Broadway
Luckey, Enoch, assistant harbor master , eseast side Ninth.n of O'Fallon
Ludenkemper, Mary, widow, wswest side Ninth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Ludlow, Alicea, widow, 214 nnorth Eighth
Ludlow, Edward, painter , 240 nnorth Seventh
Ludlow, N. M., boards at Planters' House
Ludlum, George, bricklayer , rear 128 Carr, on alley
Ludolph, Henry, eseast side Ninth, betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Ludolph, Philip, laborer , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Biddle
Ludwig, Andreas, beer house, nsnorth side Myrtle, wwest of Main
Ludwig, Andreas, shoemaker , 15 Washington avavenue
Ludwig, Conrad, carpenter , eseast side Fonrteenth, ssouth of Wash
Ludwig, Francis H., laborer , wswest side Third, nnorth of Convent
Ludwig, John, brickmaker , eseast side Carondelet, betbetween Sidney & Anna
Ludwig, John, tailor , 146 ssouth Second
Ludwig, John P., (L. & Weise,) 65 ssouth Second
Ludwig, Paul, eseast side Menard, ssouth of Emmett
Ludwig, Valentine, m.d. , 105 Franklin avavenue
Ludwig & Weise second hand furniture, 65 ssouth Second
Lueder, Elizabeth, widow, sssouth side Lafayette, eeast of Jackson
Luetka, Mary, widow, eseast side Menard, ssouth of Lafayette
Lufft, Andrew, carman , eseast side Ham, ssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Lugo, Lewis, laborer , wswest side Fourteenth, betbetween Spruce and Poplar