Green's St. Louis directory :
McGary, Mary Ann, widow, wa Twelfth, of Spruce
McGary, Michael, carter , 282 nnorth Eleventh
McGary, Patrick, laborer , 253 nnorth Eleventh
McGee, Henry, teamster , nsnorth side Hickory, wwest of Fifth
McGee, James, laborer , 263 nnorth Seventh
McGee, John, laborer , nsnorth side Florida, eeast of Main
McGee, John, carpenter , eseast side Centra, a of Market
McGee, Margaret, widow, as Biddle, wwest of Fourteenth
McGee, Martha, widow, dress maker , 24 ssouth Fifth
McGee, Patrick, laborer , 221 nnorth Thirteeath, up stairs
McGee, Robert, teamster , nsnorth side Green, wwest of Eighth
McGee, Stafford, as Biddle, wwest of Fifteenth
McGee, William, family grocer , bb Biddle, wwest of Fifteenth
McGill, Daniel, family grocer , swsouthwest corcorner 19th aad Franklin avavenue
McGill, Patrick, baker , nwnorthwest corcorner Thirteenth and Wash
McGinley, Elizabeth A., dress maker , 193 Franklin avavenue
McGinley, William, baker , sssouth side Franklin avavenue , wwest of Fifteenth
McGinn, Patrick, 9 Lombard
McGinn, Peter, laborer , wa Fourteenth, nnorth of Carr
McGinnis, Gary, wswest side Fifteenth, a of Clark avavenue
McGinnis, James, laborer , rear 254 Market, on alley
McGinnis, Jane, widow, eseast side Tenth, a of Chambers
McGinnis, John, laborer , 102 ssouth Main
McGinnis, William, teamster , nenortheast corcorner Seventeenth and Carr
McGintie, Edward, a.d. , as Market, w of Fourteenth
McGivney, Peter, " Astor House," 35 Franklin avavenue
McGough, John, laborer , rear 160 Myrtle
McGovran, Ann, widow, secorcorner Ninth and Franklin av
McGovran, Bridget, widow, rear 108 Green
McGovran, Peter, quarrier , 126 Locust
McGovran, Rose, widow, 175 Morgan
McGowan, Hugh, laborer , 182 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
McGowan, Robert, sugar house , secorcorner Lewis and Bates
McGrade, James, (T.& J.McG.) boards at Monroe House
McGrade T. & J. , wholesale and retail dry goods , 52 Market
McGrath, Dennis, boarding house , 216 Green
McGrath, James, porter , wswest side Eighth, nnorth of O'Fallon
McGrath, John, teamster , wswest side Lewis, nnorth of Smith
McGrath, Lewis, mason , 199 Green
McGregor, John, clock and watch maker , wswest side 7th, nnorth of Wash
McGregor, John, watch maker , &c., 50 Vine
McGrorty, James, drayman , 160 Wash
McGuey, Patrick, mason , secorcorner Centre and Market
McGuff, Hannah, widow, 251 nnorth Twelfth
McGuire, Andrew, tailor , nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
McGuire, Michael, stone cutter , wswest side Fifteenth, nnorth of Morgan
McGuire, Michael, tinner , 10 nnorth Second, dwwswest side Seventh, a of