Green's St. Louis directory :
Abernathy & Garnett builders , sssouth side St. Charles, betbetween 8th & 9th
Abernaty, Alex., [A. & Garnett]
Abie, Mary, widow, sssouth side Plum, east of Main
Able, Barton, captain Time and Tide , boards at Scott's Hotel
Abrahams, Elias, [A. & Co.Company boards] at Monroe House
Abrahams, Michael, [A. & Co.Company ] boards at Virginia Hotel
Abraham, Victor, cooper , n of Rutger, on alley betbetween 6th and 7th
Abrahams & Co ., whclothiers , 189 and 191 nnorth Main
Abrams, Jacob D., carpenter , boards at Roswell's Broadway
Abramson, Charles, chemist , 254 Washington avenue
Abramson, Charles, spirit gas manufacturer , 60 nnorth Second
Achenbach, Herman, variety store , 66 Market
Achlerbach, Henry, porter ,wswest side 12th betbetween Carr and Wash
Achmus, Frederick, cabinet maker , 131 nnorth Seventh
Acker, Jacob, laborer , was Carondelet av, ssouth of Marion
Acker, William, shoemaker , 249 nnorth Second, up stairs
Ackerman, Ebenzer P., com.commission mer.merchant 2 ssouth Commercial, dwelwwest
end Clark avavenue
Acks, Adam M., laborer , sssouth side Webster betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Adams, Adelia, boarding house, 146 nnorth Sixth
Adams, Agnes, widow, 176 Walnut
Adams, Bartlett, cabinet maker , dwelling 351 Morgan
Adams, Carle, laborer , wswest side Third ssouth of Convent
Adams, Daniel, bricklayer , nsnorth side Brooklyn betbetween 10th and 11th
Adams, Edson E., cabinet maker, &c. , 125 nnorth Second
Adams, George, tailor , 199 north Seventh
Adams, Jacob, tailor , 233 nnorth Eleventh
Adams, James, clerk at 188 Broadway
Adams, James F., [Edwards & A.] 124 n Fourth
Adams, James M., carpenter , 154 nnorth Eleventh
Adams, John, riverman , rear 218 nnorth Sixth, on alley
Adams, John, pork trader , 226 nnorth Seventh
Adams, John[R. & J.A.] wswest side Fifteenth betbetween Market & Clark av
Adams, John H., wholesale and retail clothing store, No. 1, se
cor Main and Market. Has always on hand a general
assortment of men and boys' clothing, which he pledges
himself to sell as low as any house in the United States. Dwelling, 171 Walnut
Adams, Robert, steamboat captain , boards at City Hotel
Adams, Rudolph, [R. & J.A.] wswest side 15th betbetween Market and Clark
Adams, Washington F., castor oil manufact'rmanufacturer c 5th & Gratiot
Adams, R. & J., druggists , se cor 4th and Green and swsouthwest cor
4th and Market
Adams, ' Express, H. F.Lathrop, agent , 20 Olive
Adamson, John, carpenter , 92 Mulberry
Adamson, Joseph, [A. & Co.Company ] 11 Green
Adamson, Thomas, [Page, S. & Co.Company ] 6 Green