Green's St. Louis directory :
Magnolia, Mill, James Hendricks , nenortheast corcorner Main and Chambers
Magrath, Patrick, drayman , rear 254 Market, on alley
Maguire, Alexander, druggist , nenortheast corcorner Second and Olive
Maguire, Andrew, tailor , nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
Maguire, Constantine, (J. & C.M.)nenortheast corcorner Second and Olive
Maguire, Hon.Honorable George, clerk in Surveyor General's office, dw
eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Labadie
Maguire, James, sr.. book keeper , dw 92 Myrtle
Maguire, James, (J. & C.M.) nenortheast corcorner Second and Locust
Maguire, James, trader , eseast side Sixth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Maguire, Thomas, lime burner , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Eighth
Maguire J. & C , wholesale druggists 67, 69 and 71 nnorth Second
Mahanney, John, laborer , eseast side Eleventh, ssouth of Market, up stairs
Maher, Emanuel, clerk at 274 Broadway
Maher, Michael, drayman , wswest side Main, betbetween Howard and Mound
Maher, Patrick, carter , sssouth side Davis, wwest of Sixth
Maher, Patrick, teamster , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Cerre
Maher, Stephen, laborer , nsnorth side Spruce, wwest of Twelfth
Maher, William, laborer , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Barton
Maheu, Eleanor, widow, 26 ssouth Third
Mahl, Charles, beer house , 200 ssouth Second
Mahoney, Ann, widow, rear 270 nnorth Eleventh
Mahoney, Thomas, laborer , 286 nnorth Tenth
Mahring, George, barber , 238 Market
Maifferth, John A., book binder , 48 Market, up stairs
Maillett, Joseph, carpenter , sssouth side Chesnut, wwest of Fourteenth
Maigne, JohnC, street inspector , eseast side Tenth, nnorth of Jefferson
Maison, Lewis, eseast side Seventeenth, ssouth of Morgan
Maken, Michael, laborer , secorcorner Marion and Buel
Malcolm, James, gardener , wswest side Stoddard, ssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Malenbrock, Conrad, wood dealer , wswest side Spring, eeast of Main
Maley, Charles, family grocer , secorcorner Seventeenth & Market
Maley, Michaeltlaborer , nenortheast corcorner Eighth and O'Fallon
Maley, Patrick, lime burner , wswest side Collins, nnorth of Ashley
Malkus, John, 290 nnorth Thirteenth
Mailer, Rev.Reverend Mariano, principal of Lazarists , wswest side Decatur, ssouth of
Park avavenue
Mallet, Baptiste, mountain trader , 27 Poplar
Malone, Anthony, contractor , 115 Eleventh
Malone, Ellen, widow, 81 nnorth Sixth
Maloney, John, carpenter , swsouthwest corcorner Tenth and Franklin avavenue
Malotte, Jonathan, carpenter , 121 Green
Maloy, John, riverman , 145 Green, up stairs
Maloy, John, wood merchant , 200 ssouth Main
Maloy, Philip, charioteer , 315 ssouth Fifth
Malter, John, coffee house , nenortheast corcorner Seventh and Marion
Malter, Matthias, plasterer , nenortheast corcorner Jackson and Carroll