Green's St. Louis directory :
Marthe, Robert, eseast side Twentieth, ssouth of Market
Mathes, Charles, drayman , eseast side Moore, ssouth of Market
Matheny, Jasan C, carpenter , nsnorth side Warren, wwest of Broadway
Mather, Bartholomew, confectioner , 193 Franklin avavenue
Mather, Russell H., baker , 193 Franklin avavenue
Mathers, Samuel, ship carpenter , 325 Carr
Matthias, Joseph, cooper , eseast side Ham, ssouth of Chouteau av
Matlack, Davis, (M. & Rogers,) 134 nnorth Main
Matlack, Edward Y., architect, &c , eseast side Tenth, nnorth of Wash
Matlack, George, architect, &c , nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Ninth & Tenth
Matlack, William L., plasterer , nsnorth side Pine, wwest of Fourteenth
Matlack & Rogers wholesale dry goods and hosiery , 134 nnorth
Matley, Thomas, machinist , 248 nnorth Tenth
Matley, Thomas, mill wright , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Eighteenth
Matras, John J., chemist and druggist , 196 Broadway
Matson, Samuel S., riverman , sssouth side Columbia, wwest of Main
Matten, Henry, laborer , rear 194 nnorth Eighth
Matteson & Preston commission merchants 22 nnorth Water, and
49 Commercial
Mattingly, James A., Gait House , secorcorner Broadway and Mul-
Mattingly, John, trader , boards at City Hotel
Matthews, Alexander, superintendent , nsnorth side Christy, wwest of 17th
Mathews, Charles, laborer , wswest side Sixteenth, ssouth of Morgan
Matthews, Daniel, laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Fourteenth and Morgan, upsupstairs
Mathews, Edward, baker , 230 nnorth Eighth
Matthews, W. D., (D.W.M. & Co.Company ) boards at City Hotel
Matthews, George, ship carpenter , eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Matthews, George, carrier , nenortheast corcorner Seventh and Chouteau avavenue
Matthews, Henry E., teacher music , secorcorner Twelfth and Pine
Matthews, John S., shoe store , 10 ssouth 4th, dwsssouth side Gratiol, wwest of 10th
Matthews, John, blacksmith , 168 Franklin av.avenue up stairs
Matthews, John, mason , eseast side Centre, nnorth of Clark avavenue
Matthews, Lawrence, omnibus company , sssouth side Christy avavenue ,w of 19th
Mathews, Moses B., 196 Pine
Matthews, Owen, eseast side Eleventh, ssouth of Market
Mathews, Peter, drayman , nsnorth side Franklin avavenue , wwest of Twenty-first
Matthews, Peter, drayman , 238 Morgan
Matthews, Richard, laborer , wswest side Eighth, nnorth of Carr
Matthews, Stuart, lumber master , 52 Elm
Matthews, Thomas, clerk , 20 ssouth Main, dwnenortheast corcorner 15th and Pine
Matthews, William, watchman , 222 Carr
Matthews, William, commission merchant , dw 78 Walnut
Matthews, William T., druggist , junction Fifth & Carondelet
Matthews, McKenzie & Co.Company , commission merchants
Matthews, Edward &amp Watson , nwnorthwest corcorner Commercial and Olive