Green's St. Louis directory :
Monroe, John, confectioner , e of Nineteenth, en alley, bet
Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Montague, James, laborer , s of Biddle, on al.alley , betbetween 14th & 15th
Montague, Susanna, widow, rear 232 nnorth Seventh
Montaigne, Elliott, butcher , n of Rutger, on al.alley , betbetween 6th & 7th
Montaine, Joseph, engineer , 70 Myrtle
Montany, Nancy L., widow, nenortheast corcorner Tenth and Monroe
Monte, Bernard, New House, 109 nnorth Water
Montgomery, Edward, M.D. , nsnorth side Pine, betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Montgomery, Hugh, mate , nsnorth side Mound, wwest of Broadway
Montgomery, H. M., teller at Page & Bacon's, 139 nnorth Main
Montgomery, Jordan J., clerk at Home Mutual Insurance Company, ns of Carr, wwest of Fourteenth
Montgomery, Robert, shoemaker , 153 Green, up stairs
Montreville, Clarencede, , M.D., dentist , 61 nnorth Fourth
Moody, Matthew, 214 Broadway
Mooers, Priscilla, widow, boarding house, 28 Green
Mook, Mary Ann, widow, baker , 119 ssouth Main
Moon, John, brass founder , boards at 181 nnorth Third, up stairs
Mooney, Francis A., clerk , boards at 174 nnorth Sixth
Mooney, John, laborer , 143 Green
Mooney, John, plumber , rear 92 nnorth Eighth
Mooney, Michael, laborer , 324 nnorth Seventh
Moore, Alexander, ship carpenter , 294 nnorth Seventh
Moore, Anna Maria, nsnorth side Florida, eeast of Broadway
Moore, Ann, widow, 74 Spruce, up stairs
Moore, Charles, carpenter , boards at 196 Market
Moore, David, steamboat captain , 230 nnorth Seventh
Moore, Davis, carpenter , nsnorth side Myrtle, wwest of Main
Moore, Francis, engineer , boards opp 61 Collins
Moore, George H., clerk at 132 & 134 Market, bids at Planters
Moore, Henry R., wood merchant, eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Webster
Moore, Henry, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Seventeenth and Biddle
Moore, Hester Ann, widow, nsnorth side Wash, wwest of Seventeenth
Moore, John, pedier , sssouth side Biddle, wwest of Sixteenth
Moore, John, queensware, 197 nnorth Fourth
Moore, John P., riverman , 214 nnorth Ninth
Moore, John T., white lead manufacturer , 242 Broadway
Moore, John S., M.D. , 44 nnorth Fourth, 227 nnorth Sixth
Moore, Josephine, 106 ssouth Fourth
Moore, Mary J., swsouthwest corcorner Fourteenth and Gay
Moore, Robert, tailor , dw 114 Washington avavenue
Moore, Robert, tinner , rear 131 Biddle, on alley
Moore, Robert, laborer , eseast side Twentieth, ssouth of Market
Moore, Robert, tailor , 144 Washington avavenue
Moore, Robert, clerk , 77 nnorth Commercial
Moore, Thomas, tanner , &c, wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Chouteau avavenue