Green's St. Louis directory :
Morton, Alexander, brass and silver plater , &c., 150 Green,
dw 18 nnorth Third
Morton, Andrew, carpenter , wswest side 17th, betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Morton, Bridget, widow, 153 nnorth Twelfth
Morton, Clark, clerk , at 96 nnorth Main
Morton, George, 140 Spruce
Morton, Nathaniel, clerk , 49 nnorth Water
Mosbach, Alexander, family grocer , 100 nnorth Second
Mosbacher, Jacob, cooper , swsouthwest corcorner Nineteenth and Morgan
Mosberger, Frederick, clerk in Surveyor General's office, dw
sw cor Fulton and Lafayette
Moseler, Charles, segar store, 100 nnorth Third
Mosely, Benjamin, barber , eseast side Broadway, ssouth of Columbia
Moser, Jacko, tailor , 66 ssouth Third
Moser, Jacob, family grocer , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Spruce
Moser, Jacob, basket maker , 233 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
Moser, Landilon, baker , 100 ssouth Second
Moses, Abraham, clerk at 213 Broadway
Moses, S . Gratz, M.D. , 63 nnorth Fifth, dwcorcorner 13th & Chouteau avavenue
Moshel, Lewis, St. Louis Hall, swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and Biddle
Moss, Frederick, brickmaker , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Monroe
Mossman, Matthias, laborer , 140 ssouth Second
Most, Conrad, cabinet maker , sssouth side Marion, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Motz, Henry, carriage maker , nsnorth side Christy av,avenue wwest of Fourteenth
Mound Mill, Starnes & Death , nenortheast corcorner Broadway & Labeaume
Mound City Exchange , Francis L. Toncray, 210 Broadway
Mow, Frederick, carpenter , sssouth side Rutger, wwest of Seventh
Mower, Lyman, St. Charles Bowling Saloon, 39 nnorth Third
Moxon, Frederick W., carpenter , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway & Wright
Moyle, Richard, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, betbetween Davis and Cass avavenue
Mozier, Maria, dressmaker , 144 Market
Mucher, Josephina, widow, nsnorth side Biddle, wwest of Ninth
Muckenkaupt, Caspar, n of Convent, on alley, betbetween 3d & 4th
Mudge, Ann A., boarding house, 143 Market
Mudge, Daniel C., (M. & Co.Company ) 162 nnorth Third
Mudge & Co. , dry goods , 162 nnorth Third
Mudgett, John, (M. & James,) nsnorth side Chesnut, wwest of Sixth
Mudgett & James dry goods , 130 nnorth Fourth, corcorner St. Charles
Muegge, Charles, oil cloth manufacturer , 10 ssouth Second
Muelhaus, William, laborer , wswest side Buel, ssouth of Marion
Mueller, Adam, sawyer , rear 328 ssouth Fifth, on alley
Mueller, Adelaide, widow, eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Mueller, Agnes, widow, 215 Carondelet avavenue
Mueller, Andreas, tailor , 24 Gay, up stairs
Mueller, Anton, stone cutter , 20 Convent
Mueller, Anton, teamster , sssouth side Victor, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Mueller, Anton, stone cutter , wswest side Sixteenth, nnorth of Carr