Green's St. Louis directory :
Museum, (the McDowell,) nwnorthwest corcorner Eighth and Gratiot,
containing the entire Ornithology, Minerology, Zoology,
and Natural History of the American Continent, together
with the Antiquities of North and South America, con-
tained in three large rooms, 75 feet square, being the
largest collection of the kind on the Continent. Ad-
mittance 25 cents. Free to medical gentlemen and
clergymen. (See card also.)
Musick, Cecelia, widow, dress maker , 133 Market
Musick, James, eseast side Fifth, nnorth of Wash
Musick, Samuel, nsnorth side Wright, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Musick, Thomas, nsnorth side Wright, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Muspach, Leanhart, tailor , nenortheast corcorner Jackson and Carroll
Mustard, David, gunsmith , nsnorth side Market, wwest of Ninth
Muszboy, Jacob, blacksmith , wswest side Bogg, nnorth of Cherry
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.Company of N.J. , R. H.Betts, , Agent , 11 Commercial, nnorth of Vine
Myerly, Joseph J., tailor , 221 nnorth Ninth
Myer, H. C., clerk at 83 nnorth Commercial
Myers, Edward, laborer , 58 nnorth Second
Myers, Eli, 28 Vine
Myers, George, "Canton Tea Co.," 32 Vine, dw 183 Locust
Myers, George, porter , 57 nnorth Water
Myers, Henry, clothier , dw 70 Vine
Myers, Joseph, boarding house, 225 nnorth Second
Myers, Morris W., tailor and clothier , 115 nnorth Third
Myers, Patrick, laborer , sssouth side Plum, eeast of Main
Myers, Patrick, laborer , 216 nnorth Ninth
Myers, Peter, coffee house, swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and Warren
Myers, Samuel A., clerk at 188 Broadway
Myers, Seleg, 63 Market
Naab, Martin, laborer , nsnorth side Emmett, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Nabb, Michael G., miller , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Brooklyn
Nabb, Peter, carpenter , sssouth side Olive, wwest of Fourteenth
Naber, Barney, wood merchant, ns Benton, eeast of Broadway
Naber, Bernard, laborer , nsnorth side Picotte, on alley betbetween DeKalb and
Naber, Christian, laborer , wswest side Congress, nnorth of Lami
Nadiek, Jacob, laborer , eseast side Menard, betbetween Soulard and Lafayette
Næters, Francis, carpenter , wswest side Eleventh, nnorth Biddle
Næters, John, baker , wswest side Eleventh, nnorth Biddle
Nafis, Cornish & McDonald , books & stationery, 206 nnorth Main
Nagel, Frederick, hatter , 180 nnorth Fourth, up stairs
Nagel, Gotfried, hatter , 108 nnorth Main
Nagel, Herman, laborer , n of Convent, on alley betbetween 3d and 4th
Nagel, Charles, porter , sssouth side Lombard, betbetween Third and Fourth