Green's St. Louis directory :
Nelson, Nicholas, carpenter , nsnorth side Spruce, betbetween 12th and 14th
Nelson, Peter, family grocery , nwnorthwest corcorner 18th and Market
Nelson, William A., iron, steel, nails, glass, &c., 11 Locust,
dw 199 Morgan
Nemmith, Daniel, laborer , wswest side Second, ssouth of Webster
Nephuth, Balthazar, rope maker , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Victor
Netler, Bernard, laborer , sssouth side Soulard, betbetween Menard and Rosatti
Nette, Elizabeth, widow, 65 ssouth Main
Neuer, Ernst, family grocer , 48 Market, dwsesoutheast corcorner Lafayette
and Hamtramck.
Neuer, Henry, contracter , eseast side Fulton, betbetween Carroll and Soulard
Neuer, Ernst, 65 Market
Neuer & Co. , variety store, swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and Chambers
Neuhaus, Peter, clerk , at 87 nnorth Main
Neuman, Henry, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Neumueller, John J., shoemaker , sssouth side Lombard, betbetween 3d and 4th
Neum, Henry, rear 312 ssouth Fifth, on alley
Nevin, John, laborer , rear 284 nnorth Tenth
Newberry, Lucius, wholesale stove, tin, copperware, &c., 65
n Main, dw 15 ssouth Eighth
Newdeker, George, farmer , sssouth side Christy av.avenue , opposite Sixteenth
Newell, John, carpenter , 348 nnorth Seventh
Newell, Martin, miller , sssouth side Carr, betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Newhouse, Carle L., mason , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Bany
Newhouse, John N., clerk , at 30 Market
Newhouse, Tandy, clerk , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Jefferson
Newhouse, Theodore, shoemaker , 308 nnorth Ninth
Newill, Patrick, miller , wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Market
Newkirk, Thomas A., engineer , nenortheast corcorner 11th and St. Charles
Newland, Andrew, carman , sssouth side Chambers, wwest of Ninth
Newman, Lemuel, tinner , &c., 108 Olive
Newman, Socrates, 57 Chesnut, up stairs
Newman, William, [c] steward , 176 nnorth Eighth
Newmark, Abraham, 75 nnorth Fifth
Newness, Richard, wagon maker , 150 Green
Newsham, Ann, nenortheast corcorner Seventh and Lafayette
New Orleans and St. Louis Telegraphery , 21 Olive, up stairs
New York Life Insurance and Trust Co. , G. K.McGunnegle, ,
agent , swsouthwest corcorner Main and Olive, up stairs
New York Life Insurance Company , T. E.Courtenay, , agent , nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Olive, up stairs
Nibel, Philip, tailor and beer house , 70 Carondelet avavenue
Nicholas, Alexander, ship carpenter , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Brooklyn
Nicholas, Francis, soap maker , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Park avavenue
Nicholas, Gotlieb, laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Twelfth and Benton
Nicholas, Nelson, riverman , opp 42 Collins
Nicols, Charles, comb maker , swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and Soft