Green's St. Louis directory :
O'Brian, Patrick, laborer , 179 Wash, up stairs
O'Brian, Timothy, drayman , nenortheast corcorner Fourteenth and Orange
O'Brian, Thomas, drayman , nwnorthwest corcorner Fifteenth and Pine
O'Brien, Dennis, family grocer , 106 nnorth Water
O'Brien, Lawrence, dry goods and groceries , 59 ssouth Main
O'Brien, Rev.Reverend P., nsnorth side Chesnut, betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
O'Brine, Ann, widow, n of Biddle, on alley betbetween 9th and 10th
O'Bryan, Dennis, tailor , wswest side Eighth, nnorth of O'Fallon
O'Bryan, Jerry, carter , rear 131 Biddle, on alley
O'Bryan, John, mason , 338 nnorth Eighth
O'Bryan, John, porter , wswest side Eighth, betbetween Davis and O'Fallon
O'Bryan, Michael, laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Lewis and Florida
O'Bryan, Michael, laborer , wswest side 2nd, betbetween Howard and Mound
O'Bryan, Owen, laborer , wswest side Seventh, betbetween O'Fallon and Davis
O'Bryan, Thomas, clerk , secorcorner Seventh and O'Fallon
O'Connell, James, laborer , 333 ssouth Second
O'Connell, John, laborer , wswest side 9th, betbetween Labeaume & Webster
O'Connell, Mary, widow, 179 Walnut
O'Connell, Samuel, 262 Green
O'Day, Michael , laborer , rear 241 Wash, on alley
O'Donnell, Andrew, rear 239 Wash, on alley
O'Donnell, Ann, widow, rear 134 Green
O'Donnell, Dominic, laborer , n of Park avavenue , on alley betbetween Sev-
enth and Fulton
O'Donnell, Edward, laborer , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Wright
O'Donnell, James, drayman , 167 nnorth Twelfth
O'Donnell, John, drayman , rear 9 Myrtle
O'Donnell, Michael, laborer , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Wright
O'Fallon, John,eseast side Fifth, betbetween Locust and St. Charles
O'Fallon, Mill, Shands & Co.Company , nsnorth side Hazel, from 3d to 4th
Olive'Ferrall, Ann, dross maker , 119 Olive
O'Ferrall, Jane, widow, 140 Chesnut
O'Ferrall, Sarah, dressmaker , 119 Olive
O'Flaherty, Thomas, (McAllister & Co.Company ) wswest side Eighth, nnorth of
Chouteau avavenue
O'Gorman, David, house agent, &c , 46 nnorth Fourth
O'Hara, Ann, widow, 220 Carr
O'Hara, James, blacksmith , 190 Green
O'Hara, John, machinist , 183 nnorth Seventh
O'Hara, John, drayman , nsnorth side Washington av,avenue wwest of Fifteenth
O'Hara, Patrick, laborer , 161 ssouth Main
O'Hara, Samuel, quarrier , eseast side Tenth, nnorth of Jefferson
O'Hea, John, family grocer , 231 Broadway
O'Keefe, Charles, painter , 98 Elm
O'Keefe, John, nailor , 33 Cherry
O'Keefe, Patrick, laborer , nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Sixth and Seventh
O'Keefe, Thomas, boot maker , 118 nnorth Second