Green's St. Louis directory :
Patchett, Margaret Ann, widow, 155 Carr
Patchin, Paul P., rectifier , dw 142 Morgan
Patrick, George, dentist , n of Wash, on alley, betbetween 12th & 13th
Patrick, G., jeweller , 63 nnorth Fourth
Patrick, James, steamboat captain , nsnorth side Howard, betbetween Broadway
and Second
Patrick, John J., jeweller , 117 Pine
Patrick, Joseph, drayman , eseast side 14th, betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Patrick, Merion, widow, w of 22d, on alley betbetween Morgan and
Christy avavenue
Patrick, Sarah, widow, sssouth side Morgan, wwest of Eighteenth
Patrick, Wtilliam, lumber merchant , nenortheast corcorner Main and Biddle,
dwnenortheast corcorner Second and Florida
Patterson, Christopher, sexton , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Twentyfourth
Patterson, Henry L., 78 nnorth Seventh
Patterson, Horace R., steamboat captain , 84 Myrtle
Patterson, James, saw mill , dwnenortheast corcorner Tenth and Brooklyn
Patterson, James H., commis'n merchant , 11 Locust, up stairs
Patterson, James R., commission merchant , boards at 80 nnorth
Patterson, John, (Meekey & P.,) 76 Franklin avavenue
Patterson, Joseph, m.d. , 120 nnorth Sixth
Patterson, William, drayman , sssouth side Cerre, wwest of Eighth
Patterson, Sarah, obstetrician , 120 nnorth Sixth
Patterson, Winnifred, widow, sssouth side Locust, wwest of Eighth
Patteson, Sampson D., stage agent , 30 nnorth Fourth
Pattison, John, w.d. , 49 Olive, up stairs
Patton, E. B., clerk , at 146 nnorth Main
Patton, Joseph L., clerk , at 184 Broadway
Patton, Joseph, (Trabue & P.) ,nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
Patton, Nicholas, carpenter , sssouth side Franklin avavenue , wwest of Fifteenth
Paty, Desire, cabinet maker , rear 189 ssouth Second
Patzman, Frederick, shoemaker , 125 Franklin avavenue , and 247 nnorth
Paubel, Christian, secorcorner Twelfth and Wash, up stairs
Pauer, Michael, wagon maker , eseast side Carondelet av,avenue ssouth of Trudeau
Pauhey, Bernard, painter , swsouthwest corcorner Fifth and Hickory
Paul, Edmund W., dry goods, &c , 154 nnorth Sixth
Paul, James, carpenter , eseast side Fifteenth, nnorth of Pine
Paul, John, shoemaker , rear 312 ssouth Fifth, on alley
Paul, Rene, 96 Elm
Paulin, Edward S., tobacco store, 112½ nnorth Main
Pauls, Ferdinand, razor grinder, &c , secorcorner 7th and Hickory
Pauly, Christian, blacksmith , sssouth side Mullanphy, wwest of Main
Pausbach, John , laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Emmett and DeKalb
Pavey, Jesse, carpenter , 10 and 12 ssouth Fourth
Pavey, John, shoemaker , wswest side Second, nnorth of Biddle