Green's St. Louis directory :
Black, David, (D. B. & Co.Company ) 140 ssouth Second
Black David & Co.Company , confectioners , 140 ssouth Second
Black, James C., carpenter , nenortheast corcorner Ninth & Madison, up stairs
Black, John, Justice Second Ward, and Not. Pub. , nwnorthwest corcorner 2d
and Elm, dwsssouth side Clark avavenue , wwest of Twenty-second
Black, Matthew, wswest side Ninth, betbetween Franklin avenue and Wash
Blackall, Thomas, wswest side Twelfth, betbetween Wash and Carr
Blackburn, Edward C, attorney , 78 Chesnut, dw 331 Morgan
Blackburn, George W., bricklayer , 331 Morgan
Blackburn, Jonathan T., 331 Morgan
Blackburn, Joseph, mate , 331 Morgan
Blackburn, Mary Ann, widow, 331 Morgan
Blackburn, Thomas, baker , rear 189 ssouth Second
Blackie, Stephen, printer , 96 Locust
Blackmore, William, lumber , nenortheast corcorner Second and Green, dw
cor Twenty-Third and Davis
Black stone, Nathaniel, commission merchant , nwnorthwest corcorner Water
and Locust, dwnenortheast corcorner Fifteenth and Pine
Blackwood, A, H. P., clerk at 131 nnorth Main
Blackwood, William G., attorney , 79 Market, up stairs
Bleetermann, Andrew, shoemaker , swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and Zftddle
Blaetz, Jacob, wagon maker , nenortheast corcorner Caiondelet and Picotte
Blair, Rodman P., clerk at 72 Market
Blaine, John L., commission merchant , 21 Commercial, nnorth of
Vine, dwnsnorth side Locust, betbetween Sixth and Seventh
BlairFrancis P., Jr.(M. &> F.P.B.) 54 ssouth Fourth
Blair, John A. J., family groceries , secorcorner Broadway and Benton
Blair, Hon. Montgomery, (M. & F.P.B.) w of city limits
Blair, —. teamster , cs Tenth, betbetween Mound and Howard
Blair M. & F. P. . attorneys , 22 ssouth Third, up stairs
Blaise, Gaspard, (Gluntz & Co.Company ,) 40 Market
Blake, James, m.d. , 280 nnorth Fifth
Blake, John, boarding house, swsouthwest corcorner Fourth and Gratiot
Blake, Peter, laborer , wswest side Broadway, betbetween Jefferson and Monroe
Blake, William, tinsmith , nsnorth side Benton, wwest of Twelfth
Blakely, William, police , 290 Broadway, up stairs
Blakcly and McAfee , traders , 93 Olive
Blackley, John, boarding house, swsouthwest corcorner Fourth and Gratiot
Blakslcy H. & Co.Company , patent and family medicines , 70 Chesnut
Blak.sley Henrv, (B. & Co.Company ,) sssouth side Walnut, betbetween Second and Third
Blanchard, Benjamin, clerk , 130 nnorth Second
Blanchard, Elzard, (Lamouroux& Co.Company ) 158 Pine
Blanchard, DeWitt, (Platt& B.) secorcorner Fifteenth and Carr
Blanko, Charles A., confectioner , oppopposite 59 nnorth Third
Blanks, John H., confectioner , nsnorth side Market, betbetween 10th and 11th
Blanke, Theodore, carpenter , sssouth side Barry wwest of Seventh
Blannerhassett, Richard S., (B. & Simmons,) 272 ssouth Second