Green's St. Louis directory :
Schneider, Theodore, wines and liquors , 4 nnorth Water
Schneider, William, shoemaker , eseast side Columbus, betbetween Barton and
Schneider, William, clerk , 229 nnorth Second, up stairs
Schneider, —, drayman , nsnorth side Soulard, wwest of Seventh
Schnek, Jacob, carpenter , rear 246 nnorth Eighth
Schnell, Anton, mason , wswest side Sixth, nnorth of Rutger
Schnell, Jacob, mason , nenortheast corcorner Columbus and Marion
Schnell, John, laborer , nenortheast corner Twelfth and O'Fallon
Schnell, John, tailor , eseast side Fulton, ssouth of Barry
Schnell, John L., musical instrument maker , swsouthwest corcorner Jackson
and Barry
Schnell, Martin, clerk at Forster's, on ssouth Fourteenth
Schnell, Peter, laborer , eseast side Rosatti, ssouth of Soulard
Schnelle, Christoph H., laborer , nsnorth side Christy, betbetween Fourteenth
and Fifteenth
Schneller, Anton, laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Main and Howard
Schneller, Frederick, painter , wswest side 13th, nnorth of O'Fallon
Schnettler, Adam, shoemaker , wswest side Fulton, ssouth of Carroll
Schnidker, Henry, teamster , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Schnilpal, Caspar, laborer , secorcorner Second and Harrison
Schobe, Henry, porter , 280 nnorth Eleventh
Schcehner, Peter A., wood dealer , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Barry
Schceder, Henry, tailor , eseast side Twelfth, nnorth of Wash, rear
Schcenborn, Lewis, mason , nsnorth side Picotte, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Schcernholz, Bernard, shoemaker , swsouthwest corcorner Fifth and Hickory
Schcenhorst, Christoph, riverman , 285 nnorth Eleventh
Schcening, Gotlieb, beer house , eseast side Fifth, ssouth of Rutger
Schcenthaler, Gotlieb, butcher , 269 ssouth Second
Schcer, Herman H., laborer , n of Biddle, on alley betbetween Ninth
and Tenth
Schcetringer, Michael, shoemaker , nsnorth side Wash, wwest of Fourteenth
Schomber, Peter, wagon maker , 116 Wash
Schommer, Edward, rear 182 Biddle, on alley
Schoneman, Emil L., grocer , nenortheast corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Anna
Schonhoff, Herman H., tailor , nsnorth side O'Fallon, wwest of Ninth
Schonhorst, Philip, teamster , wswest side Thirteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Schork, Ferdinand, cabinet maker , sssouth side Almond, wwest of Second
Schott, George, sssouth side Market, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Schott, George, swsouthwest corcorner Thirteenth and Carr
SchottGeorge, Jr.junior , tailor , swsouthwest corcorner Thirteenth and Carr
Schotte, August, blacksmith , 288 ssouth Third
Schrabel, Adam, shoemaker , 325 ssouth Third
Schrader, Henry, clerk at 184 Broadway
Schrader, William, plough maker , 229 nnorth Second
Schragge, Anton, butcher , wswest side Moore, ssouth of Market
Schrecker, Christian, grocer , nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Labeaume