Green's St. Louis directory :
Stell, William H., painter , eseast side Ham, ssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Stemler, Frederick, paper-hanger , 107 ssouth Third
Stemler, George, pavier , secorcorner Seventh and Park avavenue
Stellar, Charles, (S & Bro.)67 nnorth Third
Stellar, Lewis, (S & Bro.) 67 nnorth Third
Stellar & Brother confectioners , 67 nnorth Third
Step, Joseph, engineer , wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Spruce
Stepfen, Nicholas, 335 nnorth 7th
Stepfen, Nicholas, cook , nsnorth side Wash, betbetween 5th and 6th
Stephan, John, tailor , eseast side Fulton, ssouth of Barry
Stephan, Michael, finisher , 209 ssouth 2d
Stephani, Seraphim, Vera Cruz House, corcorner Water and Cherry
Stephans, Henry, carpenter , nsnorth side Carroll, wwest of Menard
Stephens, Allen, pilot , wswest side Fifteenth, ssouth of Market
Stephens, Bernard, laborer , sssouth side Carroll, eeast of Decatur
Stephens, Elizabeth, widow, wswest side Broadway, ssouth of Benton
Stephens, Inez, laborer , sssouth side Lafayette, wwest of Fulton
Stephens, James M., box-maker , eseast side 6th, ssouth of Cerre
Stephens, John, steamboat captain , 90 Myrtle
Stephens, Robert, eseast side Ninth, betbetween Labeaurae and Hempstead
Stephenson, Ferdinand W., family grocer , secorcorner Eighth and Locust, dw 25 nnorth Ninth
Stephenson, James N., opp 127 nnorth 7th
Sterling, Ezra J., (Harral, S. & Co.Company ) boards at City Hotel
Stern, Godfrey, carpenter , sssouth side Morgan, wwest of 17th
Stern, Isaac J(S. &. Bro.) clothiers , swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and N. Market
Stern, Levi, (S. &. Bro.) clothiers , swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and N. Market
Sternberg, Frederick, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourteenth & Carr
Sterns, Reuel J., engineer , nsnorth side Carr, wwest of 17th
Sterrett, William, engineer , 258 Franklin avavenue
StettheimerJacob Jr.,, (Seligman & Co.Company ) Virginia Hotel
Stettinius, Joseph, (January & Co.Company ) boards at Planters' House
Steuart, A. D., paymaster u.s.south a., 117 Chesnut, up stairs, boards at Planters' House
Steuart, John C, printer at Republican , 11 Chesnut
Steud, George, cooper , eseast side 2d Carondelet av,avenue ssouth of Lafayette
Steuer, John, laborer , eseast side 16th, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Stevens, George, commission merchant, 124 nnorth 2d
Stevens, George N., constable .eseast side Fourteenth, ssouth of Market
Stevens, Richard A., printer , nsnorth side Pine, wwest of Seventh
Stevens, Richard C, pilot , 73 nnorth Eighth
Stevens, Robert, book-keeper , secorcorner 2d and Washington avavenue
Stevens, Robert, eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Hempstead
Stevens, William, ship carpenter , 273 nnorth Eighth
Stevens, William, locksmith , 92 nnorth 2d, dwnwnorthwest corcorner Jackson and Emmett
Stevenson, James Ji., carpenter , 198 nnorth Seventeenth, dwsssouth side St. Charles, wwest of Eighth