Green's St. Louis directory :
Taylor, Jameslaborer , 210 nnorth Ninth
Taylor, James G., carman , nsnorth side Mound, wwest of Broadway
Taylor, Jeremiah, bricklayer , nsnorth side Benton, wwest of Broadway
Taylor, John, woodman , swsouthwest corcorner Second and Harrison
Taylor, John, basket maker , wswest side Second, nnorth of O'Fallon
Taylor, John, machinist , 180 ssouth Fourth
Taylor, John, jeweller , 121 nnorth Eighth
Taylor, John, (Gilmore & T.) boards at 121 nnorth Eighth
Taylor, John B., (T.M. & J.B. Taylor,) 82 nnorth Seventh
Taylor, John D., book keeper at 154 nnorth Fourth
Taylor, John M., book keeper at 83 nnorth Main
Taylor, Levi, 200 ssouth Main, up stairs
Taylor, Melinda[c] nenortheast corcorner Eleventh and Locust
Taylor, Moses, 9 Rutger
Taylor, PhilipC, clerk at 35 nnorth Water
Taylor, Robert, bird staffer , nwnorthwest corcorner Lewis and Bates
Taylor, Robert, newsmen , eseast side Seventeenth, nnorth of Biddleo
Taylor, Robert S., packer , nwnorthwest corcorner Second and O'Falloa
Taylor, Theodore, machinist , 161 nnorth Seventh
Taylor, Thomas, mate , wswest side Collins, nnorth of Ashley
Taylor, Thomas, 126 ssouth Main
Taylor, Thomas, pilot , boards at 121 Locust
Taylor, Thomas M., (Laureal & T.,) Fifth, ssouth of Poplar
Taylor, Thomas M., (T.M. & J.B. Taylor,) 29 nnorth Water
Taylor, William livery, secop Third and Walnut
Taylor, William W., book keeper at 94 nnorth Main
Taylor R.S. & Co.Company , packers and provision dealers , no ewf
Second and O'Fallen
Taylor & Mason attorneys , 56 Pine, op stairs
Taylor T.M. & J.B. , wholesale grocery and com'n merchants ,
29 nnorth Water
Tayon, John L., ship carpenter , sssouth side Mound, wwest of Ninth
Teake, Charles, eseast side Fourteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Teasdale, James H., (J.H.T. & Co.Company ) 218 nnorth Fifth
Teasdale, Martin C, (J.H.T. & Co.Company ) 218 nnorth Fifth
Teasdale J.H. & Co.Company , commission and provision merchants ,
rear 8 Green, on alley
Tebbe, John H., family grocer , 71 Franklin avavenue
Tefft, Nelson V., 200 Biddle
Tegas, Henry, laborer , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Biddle
Tegtmeier, Christophe, carpenter , nsnorth side Miller, eeast of Jackson
Teikel, Henry, carpenter , wswest side Tenth, ssouth of Davis
Teir, Frederick E., cooper , rear 307 ssouth Third
Teis, Francis, teamster , 216 nnorth Twelfth
Teisman, John, lime burner , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Biddle
Tekenbrock, Rudolph, cabinetmaker , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Wash, rear
Telachcr, Jacob, brewer , rear 66 ssouth Third