Green's St. Louis directory :
Thayer, Napoleon B., (Lewis, T. & Co.Company ) corcorner Fifth and Carr
Thayer, Seth, clerk , 144 Morgan
Thayer, William P., clerk , swsouthwest corcorner Collins and Biddle
Theodorski, Michael, milkman , wswest side 2d Carondelet avavenue , a of La-
Theatre, Smith's, secorcorner Third and Olive
Theatre, Bates', about 97 Pine
Theis, John H., beer house , sssouth side Market, betbetween Centre and 14th
Therauf, John, tailor , nenortheast corcorner Sixth and Rutger
Thiebahr, Henry, blacksmith , secorcorner Eighth and Cfallon
Thien, Joseph, teamster , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Thies, Francis, gardener , eseast side Third, ssouth of Mulberry
Thies, John F., laborer , eseast side Third, betbetween Mulberry and Lombard
Thiet, Bernard, shoemaker , eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Cerre i
Thilenius, George, family grocer , eseast side Main, nnorth of O'Fallon
Thill, Michael, butcher , 99 Morgan
Thimme, Charles C, dentist , 148 nnorth Fourth
Thirlwell, William L., carpenter , eseast side St. Ange, ssouth of Park avavenue
This, Henry, laborer , 192 nnorth Thirteenth
Thœlke, Henry W., family grocer , nwnorthwest corcorner Tenth and Wash
Thœrner, Henry, painter , wswest side Ninth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Thœrner & Rehm , painters , 104 Franklin avavenue
Thole, Bernard, cabinetmaker , 108 ssouth Fourth
Thomas, Albert, razor grinder , 358 ssouth Second
Thomas, Allen P., currier , e of Eightetnth, on alley betbetween Mor-
gan and Franklin avavenue
Thomas, Allen P., clerk at 210 nnorth Main
Thomas, Benjamin F., attorney , 56 Chesnut, up stairs, dw 63
Thomas, Charles, shoemaker , wswest side Columbus, nnorth of Soulard
Thomas, Elias, engineer , 202 ssouth Third
Thomas, Ezra, bricklayer , nsnorth side Spring, wwest of Ninth
Thomas, Felix, cooper , wswest side Main, nnorth of Columbia
Thomas, George, painter , nsnorth side Washington avavenue , wwest of Fifteenth
Thomas, Hiram, sssouth side Mound, betbetween Second and Broadway
Thomas, Henry, accountant , sssouth side Pine, wwest of Fourteenth
Thomas, Jacob P., (T. & Thornton,) 33 ssouth Sixth
Thomas, James, laborer , secorcorner Second and Harrison
Thomas, John, rope maker , 292 nnorth Thirteenth
Thomas, John J., storage , 258 to 264 nnorth Main
Thomas, John P., segar maker , 334 ssouth Second
Thomas, Joseph, secorcorner Eighteenth and Franklin av
Thomas, Kile, teamster , eseast side Broadway, ssouth of Hempstead
Thomas, Lewis H., clerk at 15 nnorth Water
Thomas, Peter, carpenter , nsnorth side Chesnut, wwest of Thirteenth
Thomas, Richard, carpenter , eseast side Brooklyn, wwest of Broadway
Thomas, Samuel, 38 Gay
Thomas, Thomas, well-digger , sssouth side Wash, wwest of Twelfth