Green's St. Louis directory :
Turner, Edmund, wswest side Eighth, a of Biddle
Turner, Edwin H., segar store , dwwswest side Fourteenth, nnorth of Carr
Turner, George, laborer , 309 nnorth Ninth
Turner, Henry, laborer , 269 Carr
Turner, Harriet, [c] nsnorth side Spruce , betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Turner, James, confectioner , rear 188 nnorth Ninth
Turner, John, moulder , 181 Carr, up stairs
Turner, Peter, eseast side Seventh, betbetween Gratiot and Cerre
Turner, Samuel, baker , 32 nnorth Second, dweseast side 12th ssouth of Pine
Turner, Solomon, [c] whitewasher , 96 ssouth Fourth
Turner, Spencer A., wswest side Collins, nnorth of Carr
Turner, Tracy P., livery , 321 Broadway
Turner, William, millwright , sssouth side Chesnut, wwest of Fifteenth
Turner, William, book keeper at 151 nnorth Main, dw 62 St. Charles
Turner, William, collector , 46 Collins
Turner, Wilson, carpenter , oppopposite 225 nnorth Second
Turner, —, captain , 274 Morgan
Turner, —, 336 nnorth Eighth
Turner & Bro. , plumbers , 100 Olive
Turnkey, John, Blacksmiths , 214 Broadway, up stairs
Turnkey, Thomas, Blacksmiths , 214 Broadway, up stairs
Turpin, Isaac I., teamster , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Twenty-third
Turpin, William, coffee house , sssouth side Montgomery, eeast of Main
Tuthill, Patrick, trader , 110 ssouth Fourth
Tutt, Thomas E., (T.& Watson,) 116 nnorth Main, up stairs
Tutt & Watson wh. boots and shoes, 116 nnorth Main, up stairs
Tuttle, D. C, attorney , 26 Olive, dw 128 ssouth Fifth
Twcihaus, Henry, carman , eseast side Fourteenth, ssouth of Cass avavenue
Twelenmeyer, Caspar, carpenter , nsnorth side O'Fallon, wwest of Tenth
Twihist, John, laborer , nsnorth side Soulard, betbetween Menard and Rosatti
Twitcheli, John W., United States Marshal, 107 Chesnut, dw
es Eleventh, ssouth of Market
Tye, Charles, riverman , oppopposite 195 Green, up stairs
Tyler, Benjamin R., m.d. , sssouth side Brooklyn, wwest of Tenth '
Tyler, Peter, ship carpenter , sssouth side Dock, wwest of Broadway
Tyre, Martin, blacksmith , 102 Green, up stairs
Tzebon, William, tinsmith , 327 ssouth Third
Uebelhard, Edmund, shoemaker
Ueltler, Frederick, cooper , sssouth side Mullanphy, wwest of Main, upsupstairs
Uhde, John, (U. & Williams,) eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Uhde & Williams grocers , eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Uhl, Caspar P., laborer , nef Rutger, on alley, betbetween 6th & 7th
Uhl, John, butcher , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Wood
Uhland, Caspar, laborer , eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Walnut
Uhland, Frederick, laborer , 12 Convent, up stairs
Uhland, Rev.Reverend Gerhard, Lazarist, German Pastor , Yincen
of Paul, wswest side Decatur, ssouth of Park av