Green's St. Louis directory :
Wardrobe, Jobn, carpenter , as Madison, bat Ninth, and Tenth
Ware, Edward V., book keeper at 150 nnorth Second, dw no corcorner Seventh and Walnut
Ware, Henry E., (W. & Chamblia.) 293 Broadway
Ware, Henry, grocer , dw 187 Walnut
Warn, James L., clerk at 3 Market
Ware, Jos. E., engraver , 66 nnorth Second, dw Clark aw, wwest of 12th
Ware & Chamblin dry goods and groceries , 293 Broadway
Warne, Mann us, ( W. & Merrill,) eseast side Fourteenth, a of Mark
Warne, Thomas S., 106 ssouth Third
Warne &. Merritt , bouse furnishing goods, and wooden and willow ware manufacturers , 82 Market. Also, keep con-
stantly on hand, cutlery, silver plated, braes, britanntav
enamelled, japanned, tinned andiron wares,in extensive
variety, and at attractive prices.
Wamecka, Henry, tailor , as Wash, wwest of Thirteenth
Warner, Francis, porter , 72 Locust
Warner, John, w of 16th, on al.alley betbetween Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Warner, William, laborer , Warren, wwest of Broadway
Warrance, Fred'k G., livery , 144 Locust,dw 156 Franklin avavenue
Warren, Charles, carpenter . 201 nnorth Fifth
Warren, Edward, 100 Morgan
Warren, Herbert M., (C.M. & H.M.W.) boards we Seventh,
third door nnorth of Locust
Wenon, Horace, clerk at 70 nnorth Commercial, dw 381 nnorth Seventh
Warren, James, ( Bull, W. & W.) boards at Planters' House
Warren, John, (Harper & W.) 86 Green
Warren, John, tinner , &c, 91 Green, up stairs
Warren, John, clerk , 142 Morgan
Warren, John, clerk at 286 nnorth Main
Warren, Nathaniel W., boot and shoe store , 241 Broadway
Warren, Peter, tanner and currier , 24 ssouth Water, up stairs
Warren, Richard, (Beard W. & W.) 22 ssouth Main, up stairs
Warren, Thaddeus H., while lead manufacturer , corcorner Fourteenth
and Papin, office 3 Commercial, nnorth of Vine
Wasch, Henry, family grocer , 85 ssouth Second
Washburn, Matthew, carpenter , 149 nnorth Second, dwna Walnut, wwest of Seventh
Washington, James R , u.v., 211 nnorth Fifth
Washington, John,[c] vegetable cellar , dwnsnorth side Cerre, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Washington, Brewery, George Schneider , swsouthwest corcorner 3d and Elm
Washington, Mills, C.L. Tucker. 262 nnorth Seventh
Wnshinsitnii, Saloon, Samuel Rimmer , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourth & Locust
Wasaam, Philip, weaver , nsnorth side Geyer, betbetween Buel and Menard
Wasiier, Jacob, butcher , swsouthwest corcorner Twenty-first and Franklin avavenue
Waters, George, carpenter , 150 nnorth Eleventh