Green's St. Louis directory :
White, Robert, clerk , dw 120 Carr -
White, Robert, " Globe Tavern," swsouthwest corcorner Walnut and Commercial
White, Samuel, moulder , nsnorth side Mullanphy, wwest of Main
White, Sophia, widow, eseast side St. Ange, ssouth of Park avavenue
White, Thomas, baker , nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and Wash
White, Thomas, baker , 111 St. Charles 1
White, William, straw hat manufacturer , 238 n Seventh
White, William, trader , swsouthwest corcorner Sixth and Washington avavenue
White, William H., salesman at 28 nnorth Water, dwsssouth side Mound/e of Broadway
White, William P., carpenter , 223 Carr
White, William R., butcher , nsnorth side Austin, eeast of Fourteenth
White, William N., dry goods , 120 nnorth Fourth, dw 64 ssouth Fifth
White, William S., m.d. , 139 nnorth Third, up stairs 7
White, Rev.Reverend -, Cumberland Presb'n Church, 295 Broaft. way, up stairs
Whitehead, William keeper , 85 nnorth Main
Whitehill, John, (W. & Rowe.) wswest side 14th, ssouth of Market
Whitehill, William B., carpenter , 144 ssouth Third
Whitehill & Rowe , lumber , nwnorthwest corcorner Fifth and Carr
Whiteside, Thomas, m.d. , sssouth side Benton, wwest of Broadway
Whitfield, James, riverman , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Wright
Whitfield, John, laborer , 264 nnorth Eighth
Whiiford, Ann, widow, 254 nnorth Second
Whiting, Abijah, nsnorth side Chesnut, eeast of Eighth
Whiting, Benjamin F., clerk at 147 nnorth Main
Whiting, Lucy, 49 nnorth Sixth
Whiting, W. A., (Scott, Naylor & Co.Company )
Whitlock, Margaret, widow, sssouth side Pine, wwest of Fifteenth
Whitmore, Benjamin F., paper hanger , 265 nnorth Eleventh
Whitmore, Henry, "Nonantum Mills," 231 ssouth Fourth
Whittaker, Francis, (W. & Palmer,) eseast side Sixth, nnorth of Carr
Whittaker, William, engineer , sssouth side Pine, wwest of Fifteenth
Whittaker & Palmer , packers , 259 nnorth Main
Whittemore, Robert B., (H. & R.B.W.) 143 nnorth Main
Whittemore H. & R.B., hats, caps, &c , 143 nnorth Main
Whittle, Michael, laborer , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Whittle, Thomas, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Mullanphy
Whittlesey, Charles C, attorney , 34 Chesnut, up stairs
Wibaescht, Henry, grocer , 239 nnorth Fourteenth
Wichman, Henry H., laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Wichter, Balthazar, tailor , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Park avavenue
Wick, Sebastian, quarrier , nenortheast corcorner Jackson and Lami
Wickel, Harrison, shoemaker , eseast side Fourteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle