Green's St. Louis directory :
Brown, J., plasterer, &c. , 13 nnorth Fifth
Brown, Mary, widow, 860 nnorth Eleventh
Brown, Mary, widow, 41 ssouth Fourth
Brown, Matilda, [c] rear 140 nnorth Seventh
Brown, Morgan W., soap, candle and lard oil manufacturer ,
240 nnorth Main
Brown, Patrick, stone cutter, as Wash , w of Thirteenth
Brown, Samuel, clerk at 108 nnorth Main, dwswsouthwest corcorner 14th & Carr
Brown, Susan, widow, boarding house, opp 61 Collins
Brown, Timothy, book keeper at Union Office, 35 Locust
Brown, Thomas, riverman , rear 140 nnorth Seventh
Brown, Thomas, 133 Walnut
Brown, Thomas, book keeper at Page& Bacon's, 139 nnorth Main
Brown, Thomas B., clerk in Post Office, 87 Chesnut
Brown, William H., clerk at 94 nnorth Main
Brown, Valentine, cooper , wswest side 11th betBiddle and O'Fallon
Brown, Walter A., carpenter , secorcorner Sixteenth and Olive
Brown & Thatch gent's furnishing store, 157 nnorth Main
Brownell, Isaac W., commission merchant , sssouth side Pine, betbetween Main
and Second, boards at Planters' House
Browning, John W., salesman , 130 nnorth Third
Brownlee, David, salesman , 85 nnorth Main-
Brownlee, John A., (B. & Homer,) 142 Walnut
Brownlee, Thomas, quarrier , rear 225 Franklin avavenue
Brownlee, Homer & Co.Company , wh. dry goods, 85 nnorth Main
Bruce, William, drayman , 149 Washington avavenue
Bruce, William, riverman , as 8th, betbetween Monroe and N. Market
Bruch, John, boarding house, 90 ssouth Main
Bracker, John, carpenter , wswest side Fifteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Brucker, Joseph, baker , 136 ssouth Second
Bruckman, Francis, tailor , sssouth side Marion, wwest of Seventh
Bruder, Joseph, laborer , eseast side Rosatti, betbetween Soulard and Lafayette
Brugenk, John G., laborer , 239 nnorth Eleventh
Bruggermann, Herman, collar maker , wswest side Sixth, nnorth of Rotger
BruggerhofT, Frederick, Myrtle Street House, swsouthwest corcorner Main and
Bragging, George W., shoemaker , nsnorth side Biddle betbetween 10th and 11 ih
Bruhe, Antontrunk maker , 216 ssouth Second
Bruhamann, Bernard, laborer , eseast side of Menard, sof Emntett
Bruin, —, machinist , boards at 246 nnorth Second
Bruner, Frederick, drayman , eseast side Menard, betbetween Marion & Carroll
Bruner, John, cooper , 308 nnorth Twelfth
Bruner, John, cooper , S10 nnorth Twelfth
Brunes, Henry, teamster , sssouth side Hickory, betbetween Fifth and Seventh
Brunner, Augustus, wswest side Main, betbetween Howard and Monnd
Brunner, George, laborer , 251 nnorth Twelfth
Brunner, Joseph, gunsmith and truss maker , 64 Myrtle