Green's St. Louis directory :
Bulte, Gerhard, laborer , eseast side Eleventh, betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Bulte, Henry, (Mauntel& B.) 73 ssouth Main.
Bumb, Martin, beer house, 319 ssouth Second
Bunding, John, (B. & Voigt,) 100 nnorth Main
Bunding & Voigt wholesale druggists , 100 nnorth Main
Bunemann, Henry, police , sssouth side Spruce, wwest of Twelfth
Bunemann, Henry, dr gds and clothing 38 Franklin avavenue
Bunemann, Hermann H., dr gds and clothing 38 Franklin avavenue
Bunning, John, laborer , n of Biddle, on alley, betbetween 10th and 11th
Bunsee, Andrew, n of Biddle, or* alley, betbetween 10th and 11th
Bunsendorff, Carl, laborer , wswest side of Menard, ssouth of Park avavenue
Bunting, Mary Ann, widow, 206 Market
Burbach, Benedict, "Cherry Street Exchange," nsnorth side Cherry, e
of Second
Burbayee, Isaac B., Intel, office, 52 Vine, dw 82 ssouth Fourth
Burch, Charles, carpenter , 225 Carr
Burch, Thomas, well digger , sssouth side Wright, eeast of Broadway
Burchard, Louisa, widow, 244 nnorth Fifth
Burd, Abraham, (Von Phul & Co.Company ) 30 nnorth Eighth
Burd, John W., stoves, tin, copper ware, &c , 64 nnorth Second,
dw 34 nnorth Sixth
Burdoff, Christian, laborer , eseast side Eighth, betbetween Davis and O'Fallon
Burg, Anton, beer house, 221 ssouth Second
Burg, Conrad, laborer , 325 ssouth Fifth
Burg, Henry, barber , 47 ssouth Third
Burg, Philip, "Gen. Taylor House," 73 nnorth Water
Burgatze, Christoph, hair curler , 43 Plum
Burgdorg, Henry, tailor , 348 ssouth Fifth
Burgess, Alfred, porter , 41 Almond '
Burgess, Harriet, widow, eseast side Seventh, nnorth of Gratiot
Burgess, Peter, nsnorth side St. Charles, wwest of Tenth
Burgess, Samuel, miller , nsnorth side St. Charles, betbetween lOlh and 11th
Burgess, Thomas, laborer , nsnorth side Clark avavenue , eeast of Fourteenth
Burgess, Thomas, police , wswest side 17th, betbetween Marion and Carroll
Burgess, William, carpenter , 343 nnorth Seventh
Burgess, William A., carpenter , 218 nnorth Eleventh
Burghartz, Michael, tailor , w of Jackson, on alley, betbetween Tru
deau and Picotte
Burischter, Bernard, carp. , n of Biddle, on alley, betbetween 10th & 11th
Burke, Ann, widow, 243 nnorth Seventh
Burke, Catharine, widow, grocer , nenortheast corcorner 16th and Market
Burke, Cornelius, quarrier , nsnorth side Carroll, betbetween Buel and Menard
Burke, David H., (D. H. Burke & Co.Company ) boards at City Hotel
Burke, Francis P., "City Exchange," 189 Broadway, dwsesoutheast
corcorner Fifteenth and Olive
Burke, Garrot, laborer , s of O'Fallon, on alley, betbetween 9th and 10th
Burke, John, boot and shoe maker , swsouthwest corcorner Fifth and Green