Green's St. Louis directory :
Amery, Samuel, mill wright, as Olive b 19th and 20th
Ames, Benjamin, medical depot , 27 Locust
Ames, Edgar, (H. Ames & Co.Company ,) 272 n Second
Ames, Henry, (H. Ames & Co.Company ,) 272 n Second
Ames, Nathan, (H. Ames & Co.Company ,) 272 n Second
Ames, William, corner Thrrd and Pine, up stairs
Ames Henry & Co.Company , packers , 278 and 280 Main
Amiss, Thomas L., deputy city marshal , 328 Morgan
Amman, John, boarding house, 257 ssouth Fourth
Amee, Charles, carpenter , 263 nnorth Eighth
Amy, Harriett, widow, 155 Green
Anderson, Alexander C, salesman at Goodrich dr. Osborne's
Anderson, Andrew, tailor , 145 Green
Anderson, Ann, widow, 138 nnorth Sixth
Anderson, Charles, porter , (c) sssouth side Myrtle betbetween 6th and 7th
Anderson, Charles B., engineer , eseast side 7th nnorth of Gratiot
Anderson, Chas.Charles R., coal raer. ,dwsssouth side St. Charles b 5th & 6th
Anderson, Geo. W., [J.drG.W.A.dr.Co.Company ] City Hotel
Anderson, James, clerk at 200 nnorth 17th
Anderson, James, [J. & G.W.A.dr.Co.Company ] Virginia Hotel
Anderson, James S., salesman at 175 nnorth Main, dw 17th bet
Franklin avavenue and Wash
Anderson, James L., printer , Republican 11 Chesnnt
Anderson, John, laborer , wswest side 18th betbetween Davis and Florida
Anderson, John, riverman , 214 nnorth Ninth
Anderson, John J., [J.J.A.dtCo.Company ] 129 Walnut
Anderson, John R., [c] rear 125 Elm
Anderson, Josiah, editor and proprietor Organ office , nwnorthwest corcorner
Third and Chesnut up stairs
Anderson, Kirk, city atty, 17 1/2 Locust, dw 136 nnorth Sixth
Anderson John J. & Co ., bankers , nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Olive
Anderson, Sarah, [c] 39 Almond
Anderson, Smith, [c] porter, wswest side 9th ssouth of Market
Anderson, Stephen, [c] rear 42 ssouth Tenth, on alley
Anderson, Thomas, engineer , eseast side Br'dway b Benton & Warren
Anderson, William, eseast side Fulton ssouth of Barry
Anderson, William, (W.A. &; Co.Company ) 252 nnorth Second
Anderson, William, salesman , at 85 nnorth Main
Anderson, William, clerk , ws Eighth ssouth of Market
Anderson, William, [c] rear 125 Elm
Anderson, William C, pension agent , 106 ssouth Fifth
Anderson, Win . C, jr.junior , (A.dr. Conn) nwnorthwest corcorner 15th and Clark avavenue
Anderson, William F., clerk at 11 Market
Anderson, William H., clerk at 180 nnorth Fourth
Anderson, William H., clerk at 172 nnorth Second
Anderson & Conn ship chandlers and grocers, 51 nnorth Water
AndersonJ. &; G.W. & Co.Company , auc. and com.commission mer.merchant , 178 nnorth 2d