Green's St. Louis directory :
Cramer, Adam, teamster , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Harrison
Cramer, Elizabeth, widow, eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Harrison
Crancer, John, rear 263 nnorth Twelfth
Crandon, Benjamin, pedler , nenortheast corcorner Eighth and Carr
Crand^n, John, nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Fifteenth
Crane, Benjamin F., watchmaker and jeweler , 126 nnorth Fourth,
dweseast side Fifteenth, ssouth of Market
Crane, Daniel, carpenter , s of Park avavenue , on alley, betbetween Caronde-
let avavenue and Seventh
Crane, Gerard, upholsterer , 81 nnorth Second, dw 168 Olive
Crane, Joseph D., (Nourse, C. & Co.Company ) 102 nnorth Main
Crane, Thomas D., Indian Doctor , eseast side Third, sof Walnut
Crane, William E., laborer , eseast side Rosatti, s of Marion
Crane, —, 87 Olive
Cranford, John W., blacksmith , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Webster
Cranwell, Samuel, book keeper , 71 nnorth Eighth, and 130 nSecond
Cratch, Mary, widow, eseast side Seventh, nnorth of Marion
Cravier, Anthony, [c] riverman , corcorner Eighth and Spruce
Crawford, Jemmy, cabinetmaker , nsnorth side Christy avavenue , wwest of Twelfth
Crawford Katy, (Mrs. Jemmy,) nsnorth side Christy av,avenue wwest of Twelfth
Crawford, Sarah, [c] eseast side Tenth, ssouth of Market
Crawford, William, baker , nwnorthwest corcorner Tenth and Carr, up stairs
Crawley, Samuel, ship carpenter , eseast side Tenth, nnorth of Webster
Crawley, Silas W., bricklayer , on Big Mound, eeast of Broadway
Crecelius, George P., tailor , 136 Market
Creery, Patrick, laborer , 97 St. Charles
Crees, James, box maker , 20 Plum
Crenshaw, Nathaniel J. C., commercial reporters at Intelligencer office, 18 Olive
Crenshaw, Robert A. W., commercial reporters at Intelligencer office, 18 Olive
Crenshaw, William A., clerk at Atlantic Mills
Cremmin, Timothy, laborer , eseast side Tenth, nnorth of Labeaume
Crinion, Peter, laborer , 278 Market, up stairs
Crinion, Richard, stonejcutter , nenortheast corcorner 22d and Franklin avavenue
Crist, Frederick, baker , swsouthwest corcorner Main and Mullanphy .
Crittenden, Hiram, book and stationery store , 135 nnorth Main
Crittenden, Woodward, salesman at 175 nnorth Main, boards at
Virginia Hotel
Croak, Edmund, mason , wswest side Twelfth, betbetween Clark avavenue and Spruce
Croak, James, family grocer , secorcorner Eleventh and Market
Croak, Walter, grocer , nenortheast corcorner Thirteenth and Market
Crockett, Joseph B., (Yeatman & Co.Company ) editor of Intelligencer ,
nenortheast corcorner Fourth and Cedar
Cromelein, Peter Adolph, laborer , 20 Convent, up stairs
Cronen, Dennis, laborer , rear 217 nnorth Sixth
Cronenbold, Charles, hardware, &c , 152 Carondelet ay,
Cronenbold, Ferd. W., printer at Repub, , dw 152 Carond. avavenue
Cronin, Bridget, widow, 169 Carondelet avavenue