Green's St. Louis directory :
Dierberger, Wendelin, Pfalz House, 100 Green
Dierker, Henry, family grocer , secorcorner Ninth and Carr
Dierker, John M., family grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Tenth and Carr
Dierkes, Clemens, brick layer , nsnorth side Emmett, betbetween Buel and Menard
Dierking, Henry, sawyer , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Madison
Diestelhorst, Henry, carpenter , eseast side Fifteenth, nnorth of Market
Fietel, Fredorick, carpenter , 49 ssouth Second, up stairs
Dietrich, Christian, skin dresser , sssouth side Victor, eeast of Columbus
Dietrichs, William F., tobacconist , 126 Franklin avavenue
Diethelm, Caspar, trunk maker , 292 ssouth Fifth
Dietsch, Theodore, millinei ry and fancy goods , 144 Market
Dietz, Edward F., book binder , 52 nnorth Third
Dietz, Eve, widow, nsnorth side Hempstead, betbetween Broadway and Ninth
Dietz, John, laborer , sssouth side Barry, eeast of Jackson
Diffar, Philip, blacksmith , 279 ssouth Third
Difley, Peter, Fourth Street Bowling Saloon, 184 nnorth Fonrth
Digges, Francis W., ship carp. , secorcorner Broadway and Madison
Dikas, John, tailor , secorcorner Eighth and Carr
Dikeman, Burr, watchmaker and jeweler , dw 232 nnorth Fifth
Dikeman, Henry, laborer , wswest side Twelfth, nnorth of Carr
Dikman, Frederick, laborer , nwnorthwest corcorner Twelfth and O'Fallon
Dilkeskeimp, Frederick, fam.gro. , nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Warren
Dill, Ezra E., steamboat agent , dw 23 Gay
Dill, Peter, teacher of languages , 91 Market, up stairs, dweseast side
Tenth, ssouth of Market
Diller, Joseph, millwright , 168 Carondelet avavenue
Diller, William, tobacconist , 207 Broadway
Dillman, Conrad, wood merchant , sssouth side of Wood, eeast of Jackson
Dillman, Frederick, sssouth side Trudeau, betbetween Jackson and Columbus
Dillon, Jnmes, agent Gas Light Co.Company , eseast side Thirteenth, ssouth of Spruce
Dillon, John, butcher , nsnorth side of Morgan, wwest of Nineteenth
Dillon, Michael, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth, ssouth of Market
Dillon, Patrick, brickmaker , sssouth side of Clark av,avenue wwest of Twelfth
Dillon, Patrick M., wswest side Fourteenth, ssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Dillon, Richard, blacksmith , 142 Green, upsupstairs tairs
Dimick Horace E. & Co.Company , gun makers , 36 nnorth Main
Dinckelman, Henry, fam. grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Tenth & Franklin avavenue
Dings, Frederick, (F. Dings & Co.Company ) nwnorthwest corcorner Eighth & Chesnut
Dings F. & Co.Company , brush makers, and importers of fancy goods ,
47 nnorth Main
Dinsdale, Jeffry, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Dinsmore Miss, J. S., daguerreotypist , 96 Market, up stairs
Dinwoody, Henry, carpenter , 124 Washington avavenue
Dion, Nazaire, clerk at nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Market
Diongk, Edward, laborer , nsnorth side Lombard, betbetween Second and Third
Dippel, Conrad, tailor , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Soulard
Dirker, Henry, family grocer , secorcorner Ninth and Carr