Green's St. Louis directory :
Appel, Jacob, coopers , eseast side 7th ssouth of Barry.
Appel, John, coopers , eseast side 7th ssouth of Barry.
Appel, Martin, shoemaker , nsnorth side Cherry eeast of Second
Appel, William, butcher , wswest side Easton, betbetween Victor and Sidney
Appenheimer, William, boarding house, 65 Cherry up stairs
Applegate, Benj. F., engineer , 347 nnorth Seventh
Appleton, Geo. D., [Crow, M. & Co.Company ] boards at Monroe House
Araud, John, laborer , s of O'Fallon on alley betbetween 8th and 9th
Arbitz, Jacob, boarding house, 148 nnorth Sixth
Archambault, Alfred, boot and shoemaker , 208 Broadway upsupstairs
Archer, Charles C., druggist , 87 nnorth Main
Ardron, Charles, shoemaker , dw 319 Morgan
Arkeson, William, riverman , rear 13 nnorth Fourth
Armor, Mary Ann, widow, 202 Biddle
Armbuster, Marcus, riverman , wswest side 14th ssouth of Spruce
Armstead, Thomas, carpenter , south of Park avavenue on alley bet
Carondelet and Seventh
Armstrong, Agnes, widow, es Tenth ssouth of Market up stairs
Armstrong, Ann, widow, 152 Green
Armstrong, David H., 104 nnorth Fourth
Armstrong, John H., [R. & A.,] secorcorner 3d and Washington avavenue
Armstrong, John, blacksmith , eseast side 2d nnorth of O'Fallon
Armstrong, John, laborer , 95 St. Charles up stairs
Armstrong, Matilda, [c] 104 ssouth Third
Armstrong, —, corcorner Beckwith and Chouteau avavenue
Arndt, Conrad, butcher , 228 Franklin avavenue
Arnest, Ira M., hats caps, etc. , 264 Broadway
Arnold, Alexander, salesman at 114 nnorth Main
Arnold, Charles, laborer , swsouthwest corcorner Tenth and Benton
Arnold, George, beer house, 74 ssouth Main
Arnold, Henry, tailor , 153 Green up stairs
Arnold, John, salesman , 73 nnorth Main
ArnoldM. U., agent Livingston & Fargo's line , 54 nnorth Second
Arnold, Peter, laborer , n of Myrtle, on alley betbetween Main and 2d
Arnold, Peter, draper and tailor , sssouth side Elm betbetween Main and 2d
Arnold, Philip, draper and tailor , 8 Vine
Arnold, Thomas, 102 ssouth Fifth
Arnott, Anderson, livery stable , 52 Chesnut
Arnott, Jesse, livery stable , 52 Chesnut
Arnst, Nicholas, tobacconist , nwnorthwest corcorner DeKalb and Sidney
Arnst, Peter, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corcorner 13th and Franklin avavenue
Arrison, Henry, carpenter , eseast side 10th betbetween Market and Chesnut
Arthur, Milton, printer , Republican 11 Chesnut
ArtistN. D., barber, &c ., 44 Vine, dw 186 Carr
Aschembrenner, John, tailor , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Ash, John, watchman and messenger , U. S. Arsenal
Ash, John, clerk at 30 ssouth Main