Green's St. Louis directory :
Eilerg, Herman, shoemaker , sssouth side Almond, wwest of Second
Eilers, John H., milkman , nsnorth side Carroll, wwest of Menard
Eilers, Moses, pedler , nsnorth side Lafayette, betbetween Decatur and Fulton
Eimich, Conrad, carpenter , nccorcorner Thirteenth and Biddle, upsupstairs
Eischorn, Nicholas, tailor , wswest side Seventh, a of Marion
Eischelman, Henry, laborer , nsnorth side Howard, betbetween Broadway and 8th
Eisenhardt, Herman, clerk at 186 Broadway
Eisenhart, John, sawyer , rear 312 ssouth Fifth
Eisenhumel, Alexander, salesman at 291 Broadway
Eiserput, Jacob, laborer , 1 Mulberry
Eisert, Moritz, (E. & Wahler.) 90 Morgan
Eisert & Wahler shoemakers , 90 Morgan
Eisfelder, Edward, watchmaker , 189 ssouth Second
Eisler, Michael, blacksmith , swsouthwest corcorner Barton and Columbus
Eisner, Anton, clothing store, 97 Carondelet avavenue
Eisner, John B., laborer , wswest side Jackson, nnorth of Barry
Eisner, William, segar maker , 244 ssouth Second
Eiterer, Andrew, laborer , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Marion
Elam, Edwin, tobacconist , 256 Franklin avavenue
Elbers, Henry, laborer , rear 225 Carr, on alley
Elbin, Robert, (Bishop & E.) Fourteenth, near Washington avavenue
Elbrecht, Henry, carpenter , rear 184 Carr, on alley
Elbring, Herman, (Varwig & E.) 216 nnorth Second
Elby, William, [c]s of Cerre, on alley, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Elder, Augustus, fam.gro. , nwnorthwest corcorner N. Market and Broadway
Eler, John, tailor , nenortheast corcorner Soulard and Menard
Elisec, Caspar, swsouthwest corcorner Second and Ashley
Elgin, Matthew, 53 nnorth Fourth
Eliot, Rev.Reverend William G., 64 nnorth Eighth
Ellard, James, newsman , sssouth side Franklin avavenue , betbetween 19th and 20th
Ellenberger, Frederick, laborer , eseast side Decatur, ssouth of Lafayette
Ellenwood, Benjamin, nsnorth side O'Fallon, betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Eller, Joseph, bricklayer , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Ellerbach, William, (E. & Kettler,) 32 Franklin avavenue
Ellerbach & Kettler family grocers , 32 Franklin avavenue
Ellerbrock, John H., carpenter , sssouth side Wright, eeast of Broadway
Ellerding, William, engineer , wswest side Buel, ssouth of Soulard
Ellerman, Jacob, Eagle Brewery , 223 Carondelet avavenue
Eilers, Nicholas, drayman , wswest side Thirteenth, nnorth of Carr
Eliert, Lewis, carpenter , eseast side Fourteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle, upsupstairs
Ellet, John I., furniture rooms, 60 Market, dw 105 Wash'n.avavenue
Elliot, Andrew, (E.& Cauchois,) boards at Planters'House
Elliot, John, shoemaker , 241 nnorth Seventh
Elliot, Mary, widow, 293 nnorth Ninth
Elliot, Richard S., (Leffingwell & E.) 27 nnorth Ninth
Elliot, Ruth, widow, nenortheast corcorner Stoddard and Chouteau avavenue
Elliot, William E., clerk at 199 nnorth Main