Green's St. Louis directory :
Ferguson, John, carter , 274 nnorth Tenth
Ferguson, John H., eseast side Sixth, betbetween Cerre and Gratiot
Ferguson, Joseph, 314 nnorth Second, up stairs
Ferguson, Maria, widow, 190 Morgan
Ferguson, Michael, laborer , rear 134 Green
Ferguson, Peter, Judge Probate Court , dwbetbetween 171 and 173
Ferguson, William H., Clerk Probate Court , dwbetbetween 171 and
173 Walnut
Ferguson, Robert, carpenter , nsnorth side Bates, between Main &amp Lewis
Ferhein, John, laborer , s of O'Fallon on alley betbetween 8th and 9th
Ferlander, Michael, baker , 14 nnorth Second
Fernan, Catherine, widow, eseast side Main, betbetween Plum and Poplar
Ferrall, James, laborer , sssouth side Cedar, eeast of Main
Ferrall, John, nwnorthwest corcorner Seventeenth and Carr
Ferral, Thomas, laborer , secorcorner Main and Cedar
Ferran, Alexander C., carpenter , eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Carr
Ferree, Calvin, carpenter , 342 nnorth Seventh
Ferris, Orin S., (Dunham &amp Co) 303 ssouth Fifth
Ferst, George, laborer , 302 nnorth Twelfth
Ferstel, Jacob, teamster , 335 ssouth Third
Fester, Michael, bricklayer , wswest side Jackson, nnorth of Miller
Fetwig, Anton, carpenter , nwnorthwest corcorner Second and Lombard
Feubeck, Jacob, laborer , 211 nnorth Thirteenth
Feudi, Jacob, gardener , sssouth side Victor eeast of Columbus
Few, William, engineer , wswest side Main, nnorth of Biddle
Fey, Philip, shoemaker , rear 312 ssouth Fifth
Fichtenkam, George, clerk , nsnorth side Marion, wwest of Seventh
Fick, Michael, laborer , 217 nnorth Ninth
Fidler, Henry, nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Fie, Anton, laborer , eseast side Jackson, nnorth of Carroll
Fiechter, Martin, rear 287 ssouth Third
Fiedeldey, George, (Schierman & F.) 117 Morgan
Fiege, Catherine, widow, wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Fieke, Wolfgang, laborer , eseast side of 12th, on alalley
betbetween Carr & Wash
Field, David, riverman , nsnorth side Franklin av.avenue , wwest of Thirteenth
Field, Isaac N., clerks at 160 nnorth main
Field, John K., clerks at 160 nnorth main
Field, Joseph, rectifier, &c , sssouth side Pine, betbetween Main and Second
Field, Joseph M., (Keemle & F.) 26 Olive
Field, Rosswell M., attorney 44 Chesnut , dw 28 Collins
Field, Riley, [c] barber , 225 nnorth Seventh
Field, Stephen, Hibernia House, Carondelet av.avenue , Oppopposite Arsenal
Field, William, tanner , wswest side Columbus, betbetween Barton and Victor
Field & Beardslee wholesale woollen goods , 160 nnorth Main
Fielder, John, clerk , 139 nnorth Main
Fielding, Truxton, carpenter , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of 24th