Green's St. Louis directory :

Lindsay'S European Agency ,
Office No. 82 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

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The subscriber is prepared to draw Sight Drafts on England, Ireland,
and Scotland, payable on presentation at any of the Banks in the United
Kingdom. Persons living in the country and wishing to tend money
to their friends in Europe, may enclose the sum they wish to send, addressing to the sub-
scriber, who will immediately forward the same, and return the 2d of exchange to the
parties sending, without delay.

In all cases it is necessary for persons living at a distance, to give the name of the
party who is to receive the money, as also the townland, post town and county, coun-
try, &c., &c.

The subscriber also grants Passage Certificates for emigrants from Liverpool to New
Orleans, or any of the Northern ports in the United States.

He has the honor of giving the following References :

St. Louis—The Most Rev.Reverend the Archbishop and clergy of the Diocese ; the Rev.Reverend gen-
tlemen and Faculty of the St. Louis University; Hon.Honorable EdwardBates, , Hon.Honorable Montgomery
Blair, , Messrs, J.E. Walsh, Finn & Gorman , Brownlee, Homer tt Co.Company , JohnWith-, , Esq., Hon.Honorable J. F.Darby, , Col.J.O'Fallon, , KennethMackenzie, , L.A. Benoist & Co.Company ,
James M.Hughes, , Esq., President Bank Missouri; Messrs Harnden & Co.Company , Boston, New
York, and Liverpool; Rev.Reverend J. O'Reilly, Lasalle ; Rev.Reverend Mr. Carroll, Alton; Rev.Reverend Mr.
McElhearne, Quincy ; Hon.Honorable Jomes Shields, Illinois ; Rev.Reverend Mr. Colgan, Springfield, Ills.Illinois

N.B.—Persons can have the original Drafts and Passage Certificates drawn at this
office, so that they may forward them in their own letters.

Wm.William Lindsay, 82 Chesnut Street.