Green's St. Louis directory :

H.B. Osborne. J.P. Camp. T. Ward.

Osborne, Camp & Co.Company ,
(Successors to the late Albert Jones,)
Carriage Manufacturers
And Dealers,
No. 41 Third St.street ,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Having a practical knowledge of the several branches
connected with said business, offer to manufacture for the cit-
izens of St. Louis and vicinity, to their entire satisfaction,
Carriages of every description—in the construction of which
with the best of materials, taste and durability will be espe-
cially combined. They have always on hand a choice assort-
ment of new and second-hand work.

☞A11 orders promptly attended to. Carriages stored or
old on commission upon the most reasonable terms, and re-
pairing done at the shortest notice.