Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis
Type Foundry
Paper Warehouse.

A.P. Ladew.

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T.F. Purcell.

A.P. Ladew & Co.Company ,
No. 31 Locust Street,
(Between Main and Second Streets,)

Keep constantly on hand and manufacture to order,
Borders, Ornaments,
Printing Presses,
Chases, Composing Sticks, Brass and Wood Rule, Brass & Wood
Galleys, Furniture, Quoins, Cases, & c.

☞Old Type received in exchange for new, at nine cents pound.☜

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A large assortment of Book Printing Paper, all sizes to order; News Printing Paper
all sizes manufactured to order; Colored Printing Paper, 20×25, 24× 38; ditto, glazed,
20×25; Lotter and Cap Paper, blue and white, all qualities; Commercial Post, blue, for
Circulars; Packet Post, ditto, ditto; Folio Post, American and French; Steamboat Bill
Paper; genuine Manilla Eavelope Paper, Cards—Colored Printing Cards; Enameled
Cards; Card Boards, &c.

Printing Inks—Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White, of all quali-

Stereotyping of all kinds, done with neatness and despatch.

Engraving in all its varions branches, inolnding Seals for S. of T., I.O.O.F.
and Masonic, Notarial and County Seals, with or without presses.