Green's St. Louis directory :

Home Mutual
Fire & Marine Insurancec Co.Company

Chartered 1845.—Capital $500,000.

This Company has been in successful operation since the
time of its charter, and numbers between five and six thousand
members. The principle of mutual insurance is the only true
one. No profits are made, as in stock companies, and distri-
buted to stockholders, for a few years, untu some great con-
flagration like the unfortunate one in this city in May, 1849,
happens, and then the holders of Policies are compelled to
take hair, or less than the amount insured. The insured in
this Company pays only his proportion of actual loss, and if
a great calamity comes like the one in 1849, holders of Poli-
cies in this Company are sure of their whole amount Of in-
surance, as all will testify who held Policies at that time.
This Company continues to issue Policies on buildings, stocks
of merchandise, furniture and other personal property, at fair
and equitable rates.


Daniel D.Page, ,

I. L.Garrison, ,

David W.Dixon, ,

DwightDurkee, ,

Joseph A.Eddy, ,

JohnWhitehill, ,

TheronBarnum, ,

A. P.Ladew, ,

Luther M.Kennett, .

I. L.Garrison, , President.

D. D.Page, , Treasurer .

T. L.Salisbury, , Secretary .

☞Office 120 Third Street☜