Green's St. Louis directory :

Merchants' And Planters'
Insurance Company of New Orleans .

Permanent Fund, by act of Incorporation, $200,000.


Wm.WilliamLaughlin, ,

CuthbertBullitt, ,

JosephMenard, ,

ElliottRobbins, ,

PeterMarcy, ,

KendallDunbar, ,

SamuelJamison, ,

C. S.Cutter, ,

Abm. VanBibber, ,

Ig.Szymanski, ,

C.A., Bulkley, ,

Wm.William H.Pattison, ,

Wm.WilliamChristy, ,

CharlesPride, ,

JohnHall, .

WilliamLaughlin, , President .

CuthbertBullitt, , Vice President .

Jos.Nash, , Actuary.

The undersigned having been appointed agent for the above well known and reputable
Company, is prepared to receive applications and make insurance on Marine, River, and
Fire Risks, on the most liberal terms. All losses promptly paid in St. Louis.

This office has a capital subscribed in cash and well secured notes, amply sufficient
for all contingencies. The public are referred to the exhibit of the affairs of the Com-
pany on file in the office of the clerk of the county court.

Refer to Messrs. George Buchanan & Co.Company ; Bull, Warren & Woods; F.B. Cham-
berlain & Co.Company , and U. Rasin, Esq., St. Louis.

D. F.Pendleton, , Agent ,
No. 126 Main Street, corner of Vine.