Green's St. Louis directory :

Saint Louis
Insurance Company
Capital $300,000.
Office S.W. corner Main and Olive Streets,
merchants' Exchange, St. Louis.

This Company continues to insure on sea and inland navi-
gation, rail roads, &c, and on buildings and their contents, at
the lowest rates, making a discount on all marine risks of 12½
per cent

All losses, as heretofore, promptly adjusted and paid.


James E.Yeatman, ,

LawrasonLevering, ,

J. C.Rust, .

J. D.Osborn, ,

LymanFarwell, ,

Samuel H.Peake, ,

J. A.Brownlee, ,

GeorgeBuchanan, ,

KennethMackenzie, ,

S. K.Wilson, ,

G. K.M'Gunnegle, ,

A. G.Switzer, ,

Thomas H.Larkin, .

Geo. K.Mcgunnegle, , President .

L. B. Clark, Secretary .