Green's St. Louis directory :

State Mutual Fire and Marine
Insurance Company ,
Of Saint Louis.

This Company is taking risks, upon real estate, stocks in
real and personal property at the lowest rates, and upon the
mutual plan. Policies issued for thirty days to six year;
thereby effecting a permanent insurance ax actual cost of

Amount of premium notes received the first year of its
operations, $100,000, its yearly increase of premiums are
secured in addition for the payment of loses.


JohnO'Fallon, ,

C. M.Vallean, ,

Joseph A.Eddy, ,

JohnSigerson, ,

Daniel D.Page, ,

John S.McCune, ,

W. A.Conn, ,

True W.Hoit, ,

C. H.Peck, .

C M.Valleau, , President .

H. D.Bacon, , Treasurer .

Application can be made at the office of the Company, in Exchange Boilding, over E,
W. Clark & Bros, corner of Main and Olive Streets, St. Louis.

S. F.Ledyard, , Secretary .