Green's St. Louis directory :

"Industry! rough power,
Whom labor will attends, and sweat and pain;
Yet the kind source of every gentle art,
And all the soft civilities of life."

The Hatters Of Corinthian Hall

Will continue, during the year 1851, to practice the popular system of business adopted by them nearly two years since, and now working so satisfac-
torily, of Sales For Money, At Money Rates! Under the protective, true, and fraternal principle of equal and exact dealing
with all men, the resident of the city, or the stranger, can confidently visit The Head Quarters to purchase Hats, Caps, or other Seasonable
and peculiar Goods, in full reliance of an equapoise, literally, of "Justice Equal Scales," being at all times, under eery circumstance,
and towards all persons, religiously observed.

The proprietors will continue to sell,

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As A Leading Article,
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The Best Fashionable Hats At $4 Each.

(The Most Approved Styles Periodically Adopted.)

In addition to which, purchasers will be always enabled to find the following goods, in their due season, viz: Fine black and drab Bearers; Low crown,
broad rim Far Hats, of general qualities; Soft Tampico and California Hats, of kinds and colors generally worn; Mens' and boys' far, plash, cloth, and
glazed Caps; Military Caps, with covers; Panama, leghorn and straw Hats; Muffs and Fancy Furs. Also, Misses' And Infants Fancy Hats,
of plastl, fur, velvet or straw fabric.

Wholesale Purchasesr For Cash
Will find they can effect a material saving per cent. by making selections from the stock at
"Corinthian Hall," 297 Broadway, right opposite Wash street.

There Is Mammoth Sign, "Corinthian Hall Hats,"
On The House-Top.