Green's St. Louis directory :

Wm.William H.Almeida, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Perfumery,
Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Window Glass, Glassware,
Brushes, &c., &c.

With a general assortment of articles usually kept in Drug Establishments,
all of which I guarantee pure and fresh, and free from adulteration, and at
prices as low as can be furnished at any house west of the mountains.

Being in montly receipt of merchandise direct from eastern Importers
and Manufacturers enables me, at all times, to keep my stock complete, to
which I solicit the attention of the city and country trade, being assured
that they will be satisifed as regards prices and quality. Those desirous of
purchasing or examining, will pleast call at
☞Nos. 298 and 300 Broadway,☜
Corner of Wash Street, directly opposite Corinthian Hall.

Keemle & Hager, Printers, 26 Olive st.street