Green's St. Louis directory :
The Hatter'S Guide To
"Corinthian Halll,"

Embracing localities of the City, where Strangers and Business Men most do congregate—extending East to the River; West to Fifth Street; South to
Walnut Street; North to the Store Of The Hat Company,

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Corinthian Hall, 297 Broadway,
☞The Shrine Of Fashion, And The Best Hats At $4 Each!☜

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A Key For The Above,

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To Unlock Corinthian Hall.

A—Planters' House, on Fourth street, occupying from Chestnut to Pine.

C—Scotts' Hotel, corner of Market and Third streets.

F—Walton House, Third street, between Olive and Locust.

G—Barnum'S City Hotel, N.E. corner Third and Vine street.

I—Monroe House, north-east corner of Second and Olive streets.

K—Virginia Hotel, N.W. corner Main and Green streets.

L—Missouri Hotel, south-West corner Main and Morgan streets.

Q—American Hotel, northside of Vine street between Second and Third streets.

Public Buildings.

The Court House occupies the square from Market st.street to Chestnut on Fourth st.street

B—Post Office, Chestnut street between Third and Fourth.

D—Temperance Hall, north-east corner of Third and Pine streets.

E—St. Louis Theatre, south-east corner of Olive and Third streets.

Bates' New Theatre, N, side and Pine between Third and Fourth streets.

H—Planters' Tobacco Warehouse, cor.corner Washington Avenue & Second sts.

J—American Fur Co'S, Warehouse, Wash. Av.b'twnbetween , Main & 2d, cor.corner Alley.

M—Merchants' Exchange and Telegraph Office, S W. corner of Olive
and Main streets.

N—Bank of Missouri, east side of Main st.street , between Washington Av. and Vine st.street

P—Starting place of the Market street and N. St. Louis omnibusses, corner Third and
Market streets. 'Busses of this line pass Corinthian Hall every three minutes.

Odd-Fellows' Hall, N W. corner of Fourth and Locust.

Masonic Hall, north-east corner Third and Chestnut.

O.U.A.M. The Order of United American Mechanics hold their meetings on east
side of Fourth between Morgan and Green sts., and Market st.street S. of Third street.

B.O. of S.B.M.—Benevolent Order of Steam Boat Mates, do do do.

☞Corinthian Hall, Emporium of the Hat Co.Company 297 Broadway, (Third street
extended,) opposite Wash street.

☞Wm.William H.Almeida, , Drugs, Dye-Stuffs and Chemicals, corner Broadway and Wash street, opposite Corinthian Hall.

☞John J.Gill, , Stoves and Tinware, 237 Broadway, opposite Franklin Avenue.

Observe The Large Sign, "Corinthian Hall."