Green's St. Louis directory :

Wm.William M. Plant. Wm.William Salisbury.

The Old Original

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Saint Louis
Agricultural Warehouse
And Seed Store,
Corner of Fourth and Green Streets.

Established January, 1845, by Wm.William M. Plant, partner in the late firm of Plant & Brother.

Plant & Salisbury ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In

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Grass, Flower, Hedge
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Bird And Other Seeds .

Contry merchants supplied with Fresh Garden Seeds by the 100 or 1000 papers, as
sorted, with printed directions for cultivation, at lowest garden prices.

Agricultural Books.

A large collection of standard works, such as Allen's, Downing's, Johnston's Bridge
man's &c., for sale very low.

Green House And Garden Plants,

With Fruit and Shade Trees, Roses and other Shrubs, &c.

Implements and Machines.

Plows, Harrows, Seed Sowers, Shovels, Spades, Post Augers, Hoes, Mannre and Hay
Forks, Garden and Hay Rakes, Horse Rakes, Scythes, Scythe Snaths, Stones and Rifles,
Hay Cutters, Corn Shellers, Cultivators, Budding and Pruning Knives, Saws and Chisels.

We invite thhe inspection of the public generally to our stock, as we are confident we
can suit those who wish to purchase, both as to quality and prices, which shall be as low
as at any other house in the city.

☞Best market Rates paid in cash, for prime Grass and Mustard Seeds, by
Plant & Salisbury,
Corner of Fourth and Green Streets.