Green's St. Louis directory :
Plan of a Labyrinth for a Pleasure Garden.

The plan above will probably be found to accord with the object
in view more completely than would be supposed possible from em-
ploying so few lines and in so small a space as this might be con-
structed on. The difficulty here designed, (like that of the labryrkith
within which-tradition tells that Fair Rosamond was concealed,) js to
find the way in, and not out, as was the difficulty in the Cretan laby-
rinth. Indeed, one part of the purpose and effect of this is to bring
the seeker frequently outside of the entrance, when he supposes he is
making fast progress towards the centre. A labyrinth constructed
according to this plan, with a passage of four feet between the walls
, and allowing thirty feet square in the centre for a booth or summer
house, would occupy considerably less than half of an acre. If erec-
ted in a public pleasure garden of a City, it would serve to furnish as
much amusement to visitors and profit to the proprietor as could be
obtained at no greater cost.