Morrison's St. Louis directory
Leqverrier, Charles, carpenter , resresidence wswest-side Ninth, bnbetween Hempsted and
Leron, Narcieee. locksmith , resresidence wswest-side Third, bnbetween Almond and Poplar.
Letcher, Jacob J., grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Seventh and Market.
Letcher, John, grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Seventh and Market.
Letcher, Isaac A., resresidence 166 Market, bnbetween Serenth and Eighth.
Letchger, John, resresidence Julie, bnbetween Buel and Menard.
Leslie & Barrett , attorneys , office 30 Chesnut, bnbetween Third & Fourth.
Leslie, Miron, (L. & B.) resresidence eseast-side Fifth, bnbetween Cerre and Poplar.
Lester, Edward, soda factory and resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Seventeenth and
Letter, Jamen. stair builder , nsnorth-side Washington avavenue , corcorner Thirteenth,
rep St. Charles, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Levering, Laurason. (Riggs & L.,) wholesale grocer , 25 nnorth Levee,
resresidence Chesnut. bnbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Levering, Septimus, clerk , 35 nnorth Levee, resresidence wswest-side Seventh, bnbetween Olive
and Pine.
Levering, Charles W., book keeper , resresidence eseast-side Fifth, bnbetween Almond and
Levi, Solomon J., attorney , office post office building, secorcorner Sec-
ond and Chesnut, resresidence nsnorth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Levi, Miss, milliner , 35 Franklin av.avenue bnbetween Broadway and Fifth.
Levi, Isaac, millinery and resresidence eseast-side Carondelet avavenue , bnbetween Lafayette and
Levi, Isaac, dry goods, eseast-side Carondelet av,bnbetween Marion and Barry.
Levin, Henry, (Kneves & ,) produce dealers , 10 nnorth Levee, resresidence
eseast-side Tenth, bnbetween Clark avavenue and Market.
Levin, John C., clerk , (Tevis, Son & ,) 97 nnorth Main.
Levin, Heymen, resresidence wswest-side Tenth, bnbetween Market and Clark avavenue .
Levy, John, teacher , resresidence Seventh, bnbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Levy, Alexander, resresidence 140 Fifth, bnbetween Cerre and Poplar.
Levi, Adolphe, druggist , eseast-side Carondelet, bnbetween Barry and Marion.
Levy, Charles, merch.merchant tailor , nsnorth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Second and Third.
Levy, Michael, trader , wswest-side Seventh, bnbetween Marion and Barry.
Levy, Lewis M., clothing, nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Locust, and 114 nnorth
Main, resresidence eseast-side Fifth, bnbetween Locust and Olive.
Lewellin, John B., " North Shades " boarding house, 257 Broad-
way, bnbetween Cherry and Wash.
Lewellin, James R., clerk . 257 Broadway.
Lewis, EllenMrs., resresidence nsnorth-side Cedar, bnbetween Main and Second.
Lewis, William, " Bank Arcade, " secorcorner Eleventh and Wash.
Lewis, Charle B.N., resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Eighth and Locust.
Lewis, Edward, cooper , resresidence eseast-side Main, bnbetween Florida and Columbia.
Lewis, Alexander, auctioneer , resresidence nsnorth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Eighth & Ninth.
Lewis, JaneMrs., resresidence eseast-side Seventh, bnbetween Olive and Pine.
Lewis, JaneMrs., teacher , resresidence wswest-side Walnut, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Lewis, James, hat store, 236 Broadway, bnbetween Morgan and Franklin
av,resresidence 36 Franklin av,bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Lewis, Richard, resresidence eseast-side Fifteenth, bnbetween Carr and Biddle.
Lewis & Bros. , tobacconists , secorcorner Washington avavenue and Third.