Morrison's St. Louis directory
Meyer, Frederick, engineer , res ns Spring, bnbetween Broadway & Second.
Meyer, Henry, lard oil factory , resresidence nw cornorthwest corner Chouteay avavenue & Tayon av.avenue
Meyer, John, carpenter , resresidence alley, bnbetween Hickory and Rutger, and bnbetween
Sixth and Seventh.
Meyere, Catherine, seamstress , eseast-side Laveille, bnbetween Chouteau avavenue and
Meyer, Jacob, shoemaker , reses Tenth, bnbetween Rutger and Park av.avenue
Meyer, Henry, saddletree maker , wswest-side Fulton bnbetween Park avavenue and Barry.
Meyer, Herman H., wagon maker , sssouth-side Soulard, bnbetween Buel and Menard.
Meyeer, Adam, carpenter , reses Seventh, bnbetween Soulard and La-
Meyer, H. H., wagon maker , sw corsouthwest corner Lafayette and Menard.
Meyer, John, boarding house , 24 Main, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Meyer F. & , leather dealers, findings, &c. , 88 Main. bnbetween Locust
and Olive. [See card page 17.]
Meyer, Ferdinand, [F. M. & ,] 88 Main, res ss Olive, bnbetween Sev-
enth and Eighth.
Meyer, Abraham, [F. M. & ,] 88 Main, bnbetween Locust and Olive.
Meyer, Biddle, wagon maker , resresidence 66 Pinum, bnbetween Second and Third.
Meyer & Meister , rectifyers and liquordealers , 47 Second, bnbetween Elm
and Myrtle.
Meyer, Charles F., [M. & Meister ,] resresidence 47 ssouth Second, ups.
Meyer, George, pedlar , reses Main, bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
Meyer, Christian, plasterer , 23 nsnorth-side Poplar, near corcorner Main.
Meyers, Peter, baker , resse corsoutheast corner Poplar and Second.
Meyers, Samuel, [Dittrick, M. & ,] dry goods , 188 Broadway.
Mewree, Matthias, moulder , resresidence 163 Fourth, bnbetween Mulberry und
Mezrose, Ferdinand, worker brittania ware , resresidence 48 Myrtle, bnbetween
Main and Second.
Metz, Ellen, res ns Carroll, bnbetween Decatur and Buel.
Michael, George B., paper hanging , 76 Market, bnbetween Second and
Michael, Jacob, coffeehouse , reses Carondelet av, bn Victory & Lami.
Michael S. & J. , clothiers , 46 Main, bnbetween Chesnut and Pine.
Michael, Samuel, (S. & J. Michael ,) 46 nnorth Main.
Michael, Isaac, (S. & J. Michael ,) 46 nnorth Main.
Micheau, Saugrain, dept. marshall , resresidence 144 Carondelet av, bn Ma-
rion and Barry.
Michel, William, bar keeper , Virginia Hotel.
Michel, Jacob, shoemaker , 56 and 61 Pine, bnbetween Second and Third.
Michel, Anton, Liquor merch.merchant , 182 Third, bu Mulberry and Cedar.
Michel, Lizzie, reses Seventh, bnbetween Hickory and Rutger.
Michelmorer C. & Bro. , confectinery , 81 Fourth, bnbetween Pine and
Michelmore, Carlile, (C. Michelmore & Bro. ,) 81 Fourth, bnbetween Pine
and Olive.
Michelmore, Benjamin, (C. Michelmore & Bro. ,) 81 Fourth, bnbetween
Pine and Olive.
Michelow, Alex, J., livery stable , se corsoutheast corner Elm and Sixth.