Morrison's St. Louis directory
Swan, John C., steamboat captain , res ss Locust, bnbetween Sixth and
Swanell, F., furniture dealer , ne cornortheast corner Fifth and Morgan.
Swart, Abraham, street insp. , res ss Washington av, bn Tenth and
Swaub, John A., gardner , res ws Seventh, bnbetween Hickory and Rutger.
Swearingen, Isabel Mrs., boarding house , 56 nnorth Fourth.
Sweeney, William, laborer , resresidence 149 nnorth Fifth.
Sweeney, John, riverman , resresidence Delta House, wswest-side Main, bnbetween Wash-
ington avavenue and Green.
Sweet, Anthony, deputy sheriff , resresidence 31 Third, bnbetween Walnut & Elm.
Sweringen, James T., off. ns Green, bnbetween Broadway and Fourth, res
ws Fifth, bnbetween Walnut and Market.
Swes, Joseph, tailor , resresidence 255 Market, ups.
Swiddenbrock, Ans., butcher , res ss Franklin av, bn Twenty-first
and Twenty-second.
Swinker, William, teamster , resresidence Ninth, bnbetween Chesnut and Market.
Switzer, Henry, pilot , res ss Jefferson, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Switzer, Platt & , wholesale gro. and com. merch. , 131 Sec-
ond, bh Vine and Washington av.avenue
Switzer, A. G., [S., Platt & ,] 131 Second, resresidence es Sixth, bnbetween
Chesnut and Pine.
Switzer, W. N., [S., Platt & ,] 131 Second, resresidence 125 Sixth, bnbetween
Chesnut and Pine.
Switzer, John, grocer , eseast-side Seventh, bnbetween Park avavenue and Barry.
Switzer, Henry, shoemaker , 323 Fifth, bnbetween Hickory and Rutger.
Swugert, J., beer house , sw corsouthwest corner Harrison and Broadway.
Syler, William, miller , reses Broadway, bnbetween Hempstead and La-
Sylvester, John, clerk , 92 nnorth Main, res ws Fourteenth, bnbetween Market &
Clark av.avenue
Sylvester, James, furniture warerooms and resne cornortheast corner Broadway
and Jefferson.
Sylvester, G. U., jeweler , 92 nnorth Main, res ws Fourteenth, bnbetween Mar-
ket and Clark av.avenue
Sylvester, James, fruiter , Levee, bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce, resresidence Fifth
near Cerre.
Synagogue, Jewish, wswest-side Fifth, bnbetween Washington avavenue and Green.