Morrison's St. Louis directory
Whilelind, Philipine Mrs., res cor Main and Plum.
Whitake, Stephen, wood huckster , reses Tenth, bnbetween O’Fallon and
Cass av.avenue
Whitcomb & Bro. , hats, caps, and straw goods , 41 nnorth Main.
Whitcomb, T. J., (W. & Bro.,) 41 nnorth Main.
White, Joseph, lumber merchant , se corsoutheast corner Third and Vine, resresidence es
Sixth, bnbetween Biddle and O’Fallon.
White, Henry, pilot , res ns Wash, bnbetween Seventh and Eighth.
White, William, trader , ressw corsouthwest corner Sixth and Washington.
white, William H., res sw Seventh, bnbetween Morgan and Franklin av.avenue
White, W. H., wholesale grocery , 28 nnorth Levee.
White, William, N., merch , res ws Fifth, bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
White, Thomas L., carpenter , reses Orange, bnbetween Twelfth & Thir-
White, Charles F., saddler , 232 Broadway, bnbetween Cherry and Biddle.
White, Henrylaborer , res ws Twelfth, bnbetween O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
White, Edward C., clerk , resresidence 60 nnorth Fifth.
White, Ferdinand, vermacelli and macaroni manuf. , resresidence 87 Third,
bnbetween Almond and Spruce.
White, Franics, res ws Main, near Howard.
WhiteJohn G., Rev.Reverend , pastor Cumberland Pres. Church , resresidence 44
White, Nicholas, slater , nsnorth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth.
White, Richard, clerk , resresidence Hick.
White, Robert, Globe tavern , sw corsouthwest corner Commercial and Walnut.
White, John P., nsnorth-side Randolph, bnbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
White, Jackson, butcher , res ss Austin, bnbetween Thirteenth and Four-
White, Joseph W., resresidence nw cornorthwest corner Barlow and Orchard.
WhiteWilliams S., M. D., office se corsoutheast corner Third and Washington av.avenue
White, Hugh L., pilot , resresidence City Hotel.
White J. H. & , grocers , se corsoutheast corner Benton and Broadway.
White, J. H., (J. H. White & ,) reses Broadway, bnbetween Benton &
White, Robert, grocer , resresidence Dodier, bnbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth,
Labeaume addition.
White, Sophia, reses Linn, ssouth Park av.avenue
White, Isaac, butcher , reses Linn, ssouth Park av.avenue
White, John, shoemaker , reses Buel, bnbetween Marion and Caroll.
White, Alfred, barber , nsnorth-side Vine, bnbetween Main and Second, resresidence alley, bnbetween
Poplar and Spruce and Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Whitehead, William, H., clerk , [Brownlee, Homer & ,] 85 nnorth
Whitehill, John, lumber merch.merchant , nw cornorthwest corner Fifth and Carr, res ws
Fourteenth, bnbetween Walnut and Clark av.avenue
Whitelaw, James, whs. gro. & com. merch. , 43 Commercial, bnbetween
Pine and Olive.
Whitelaw, James H., grocery and res ss Centre, bnbetween Cerre and